Sunday 3 April 2022

The Un-Arranged Marriage by Laura Brown (2022)



Their mothers are the worst matchmakers…

Mark Goldman has never gotten along with Shaina Fogel. Ever. Even when they were in diapers, their bestie mothers wanted them to grow up and get married. Not happening. Mark prefers his quiet, reserved life. But a family wedding is about to change everything Mark thought he knew about his archnemesis.

A week of wedding events with Mark Goldman? Shaina would rather have a week of root canals. Maybe the guy is hot, but for their entire lives, he’s never once acknowledged the fact that she’s hard of hearing. So it comes as a massive surprise when she discovers that Mr. High-and-Mighty and Annoyingly Sexy simply didn’t know. And now she needs his help.

When it’s revealed that the weeklong wedding events are actually a weeklong competition—for a dream vacation—Mark and Shaina do the unthinkable: work together. And the second the animosity begins to fade, something even more electric takes its place. Only now it’s not just an attraction between enemies. And nothing could be worse than the fact that their mothers might have had it right…


I loved this so much and read it in one day. the story flowed seamlessly with characters I came to really care about. Shaina and Mark are quite adorable and I loved how much they irritated each other in the beginning. Their squabbles and inner musings were quite funny. It wasn't until we learn about Shaina's deafness and Mark's demisexuality do we realise that the source of their animosity is their lack of communication and understanding of each other. Once Mark realises that Shaina can't hear him he makes a huge effort to try harder and they eventually become friends and allies. The challenges they work on together are a lot of fun to read. I did find the mothers on both sides to be a bit annoying with their matchmaking. 

The sexual tension and chemistry between Mark and Shaina is palpable all the way through the story. You can really feel how attracted they are to each other. I normally skip past intimate scenes in novels but the writing here was so good and the scenes were short and added meaning to the story. I was rooting for the couple all the way but by the last quarter of the book I was itching for the two to finally talk openly with each other and admit their true feelings. Once they did everything fell into place and the story ended with a lovely heartwarming feeling.

A lovely quick read.

The Un-arranged Marriage is out now. Amazon

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