Tuesday 20 February 2018

The Whisperer by A. Ireland King (2018)

Publisher's Information

Mystery. Betrayal. Murder.
Following her suicide, Meredith Potts discovers a dark secret.
When Meredith jumps in front of a train, the first surprise is that she still exists.  She meets the mysterious Michael, a glorious being sent to watch over and mentor her.  As Meredith learns to help the living in quiet ways, she must also face her own demons.
Events are now in motion that will uncover a terrible secret and expose a killer.  Where will Meredith’s unplanned journey lead her?  Can the truth really set you free?
Set in Scotland’s capital city, this gripping tale of treachery and redemption is ultimately optimistic. Prepare to be swept away by authentic characters—The Whisperer will keep you guessing and leave you warm and fuzzy.
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What readers are saying:
‘I couldn’t stop—I read into the wee hours.’
A stunning debut, skillfully crafted.’
‘King has captured the essence of angels.’

Once I read the opening poem I knew I had my hands on something very special.

This is a beautiful, heartwarming story where tragedy turns to hope, love, redemption and second chances. 

Meredith is the main character and the story revolves around her ability to whisper or encourage living people to make good choices. She is a kind soul and I really loved watching her evolve and harness her otherworldly powers to effect positive change in the lives of those she loves.
There were quite a few characters to keep track of but I liked each one and enjoyed flitting from one to the next as Meredith dipped in and out of their daily lives. Each person needed Meredith's help in some way whether it was a nudge in their love life, making new friends, reconnecting with family or keeping on the straight and narrow. She certainly had her work cut out for her. 
The mystery and the twists and turns took me by surprise and I found that I really couldn't put this book down. 
The epilogue was short and sweet and it ended the story on a very positive, high note. 
This rarely happens to me because of a lengthy TBR pile, but as soon as I finished this book it left me with the feeling of wanting to start at the beginning and enjoy the story all over again.

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Monday 12 February 2018

Winter's Spy (Guy Winter Mysteries Book 5) by James Philip, Narrated by Melanie Fraser (2018)

Audio Duration 6hrs 39mins


The fifth full-length installment of the Guy Winter Mysteries series, Winter's Spy is set in November 1940.
In Winter's Spy, the Mystery Man is under arrest, suspected of having been an enemy agent for his whole career in the Metropolitan Police and throughout all his years working for MI5. Dammed by the evidence of a German spy whom he encountered in Paris before the war, it seems as if he must literally fight for his life.
Then, transported to Camp 020, MI5’s South London interrogation center, and confronted by his accuser, the Mystery Man begins to suspect that nothing is quite what it seemed.
Is he trapped in a web of deadly intrigue?
Does a beautiful spy hold the key to the greatest secret of the war?
And can MI5 and the Metropolitan Police suspend hostilities long enough for Guy Winter to finally unearth the key to unlock the Ripper case?
©2016 James P. Coldham writing as James Philip (P)2018 James P. Coldham writing as James Philip

Another exciting story in the Guy Winter series. It follows on from book four, Winter's Return, and indeed threads from earlier books are pulled together to answer long awaited questions. It's a tangled web of intrigue, murder and espionage. It's quite an intricate story line and I got a sense of how complicated and dangerous the political scene was at the time for those involved in the war effort and espionage business.
You do need to be familiar with the characters and the story lines of previous books. I recommend reading the series in order and in its entirety. 

Again the narration is excellent from Melanie Fraser. The accents were very well done and the subtle sound effects were very effective in setting the scenes and making the experience of the story more dramatic.

Highly recommended.


Saturday 10 February 2018

Lost Treasure by Paige Prince, Narrated by Victoria Mei (2017)

Audiobook duration 3 hours 35 minutes.

Danielle Almasi-Epperson's parents were killed in a tragic car accident when she was eight years old, leaving her world famous Egyptologist grandfather to raise her in their stead. While she had the pleasure of growing up on archaeological digs, he never believed that the field was a woman's place. All she's ever dreamed of is adventure and the kind of love her parents shared.
Jareth Riley was the boy in the tent next door to Danielle's at every dig she could remember while growing up. Her grandfather and his father labeled him a troublemaker from day one. So, when Danielle and Jareth fall in love and lose their virginity to each other, it takes no time at all for her grandfather to ship her off to Harvard.
Ten years later, she's working as a curator at a museum and he's a treasure hunter. When he shows up on her doorstep asking for help to find a lost artifact with supposed mystical powers, she can't help but say yes. In no time at all, they're on the run from mad men with guns and rekindling the romance that had never quite died. Will they be able to restore the lost treasure to the rightful owners, or will they destroy their chance at happiness or lose their lives in the attempt?
©2014 Paige Prince (P)2017 Paige Prince


'Lost Treasure' is a lovely, romantic story of second chance love and a riveting read of high adventure set in the world of Egyptology and stolen artefacts. I loved every minute of it. The narrator, Victoria Mei, does and excellent job and I wouldn't hesitate to listen to more of her work.
The story really brings you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as it starts off with a glimpse into Danielle's tragic childhood and her life as a teen under the controlling but loving hand of her grandfather. We are catapulted to the present day where Jareth and Danielle find themselves teaming up to find a stolen artefact and rekindling their romance along the way. 
 I very much enjoyed reading about their growing up together on archaeological digs and how they fell in love as teens. 
The suspense and plot around the stolen artefact was secondary to the couple's history and romance but I was glued to the story nevertheless. I would have liked a more drawn out adventure simply because I wasn't ready for the story to end.  Jareth has been up to a lot in ten years. He mentioned having spent time with NSA agents. He seemed to be a guy who could have a few surprises up his sleeve and I would have liked to have heard more about those missing ten years.  

Lost Treasure would make a great series and one that I would definitely follow if it developed.

Thanks to the author, Paige Prince, who provided me with a review copy.

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