Monday 24 July 2017

Here and Gone by Haylen Beck (2017)

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'A brilliant, relentless rollercoaster of suspense that shreds your emotions' PETER JAMES

Audra has finally left her abusive husband. She’s taken the family car and her young children, Sean and Louise, are buckled up in the back. This is their chance for a fresh start.

Audra keeps to the country roads to avoid attention. She’s looking for a safe place to stay for the night when she spots something in her rear-view mirror. A police car is following her and the lights are flickering. Blue and red.

As Audra pulls over she is intensely aware of how isolated they are. Her perfect escape is about to turn into a nightmare beyond her imagining. . . 

Dark secrets and a heart-pounding race to reveal the truth lie at the heart of this page-turning thriller.

Full of dark secrets and heart-pounding twists, Here and Gone is the ultimate page-turner.

‘An almost unbearably tense nail-biter of a novel. Cancel all your plans and settle in for the ride…’ RUTH WARE

‘Packed with smart twists and unforgettable characters, Here and Gone is one of the best debuts of the year. Highly recommended’ HARLAN COBEN


Here and Gone is a tense, nail biting thriller from start to finish.
Tension builds right from the first page as Audra is making a frantic escape from an abusive marriage. Things don't go as planned when she is pulled over by the police and suddenly plunged into a nightmare situation.  
The is a dark, exciting, page turner with a great satisfying conclusion, I defy anyone to be able to put this book once they've read the opening chapter.

A brilliant read.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Moon Over the Mediterranean by Sheri Cobb South (2017) Narrated by Liisa Ivary(2017)

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Set in 1961, young schoolteacher Robin Fletcher accompanies her aunt on a cruise from Barcelona to Venice. The first night at sea, she sees a fellow passenger throwing something from the stern of the ship. Thus begins a series of strange incidents, each more bewildering than the last. By the time the ship reaches Venice, will the voyage have changed Robin’s life…or ended it? Romantic suspense by Sheri Cobb South


I enjoy mysteries best when there are elements of suspense and romance. This story fitted the bill excellently.
In 'Moon Over the Mediterranean' I  loved the mystery, the characters and the old, vintage feel to the story. I loved the fact that it took place on a cruise in the Mediterranean. The descriptions of the locations made me feel like I was on holidays with the character sand I would like to take this book with me the next time I am on holidays there.
Reading a story set in the 60's is something new for me but I would definitely read more if the author were to continue with this theme.

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Sunday 16 July 2017

The Proper Proposal by Sophy Hester (2017)

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Sir John, 4th Baron of Chalkstone, inherited an estate deep in debt even before he came of age and the responsibility as well for five younger brothers.
After ten years of hard work and self-denial he has finally done it: The debts are paid off; the estate is flourishing. Time to go looking for a bride!

The right one just is not there for him among the ladies of the countryside. So the attractive nobleman takes himself to London – and meets there the enchanting Louise Staunton. With his customary energy and strength of purpose, he goes about winning her over.

A strong man who knows what he wants and a smart, beautiful woman who is willing to be persuaded…  


Sophy Hester is a talented writer who brings the regency world to life in this fun, endearing tale. 
Sir John is a very likeable  and romantic character. He knows what he wants i.e. Louise's hand in marriage, and doesn't waste any time in securing it. He is instantly smitten with her and is quite charming in his attentions to her. However, their hasty engagement is only the beginning of their adventure.

The supporting characters were excellent and provided further romantic entanglements and mischief. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Louise and Victoria meet Lester for the first time. I found the gruff Lester to be very intriguing and I delighted in their interactions with him. I loved how rude and gruff he was while being a gentleman and helping the ladies in their predicament. Sparks were flying between him and Victoria.
I really want to read Victoria and Lester's story and so I will be waiting impatiently for future publications.

I loved the use of language in the telling of this story. Devoid of Americanisms and modern phrasing it feels authentic to the time period but at the same time easy to read. 
My favourite things about the story was the humour that ran all the way through the book. Witty banter and the humorous situations the characters got themselves into made for very entertaining reading. The match making and side romances also kept the story light and fast paced.

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Saturday 15 July 2017

The Policewoman by Justin W.M. Roberts (Lulu Publishing Services 2017)

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Narcoterrorism wreaks havoc on the world as drug cartels operate as dominating, murderous dictatorships. The powerful Irish Drug Cartel has set up drug manufacturing plants around the world and they will kill anyone who gets in their way. 
Sarah is an ambitious policewoman from an antiterrorist unit. She's also smart, beautiful, and extremely good at her job, which is why she is assigned to an Interpol Incident Response Team in Manchester, set up to find and stop The Cartel. Alongside colleagues from the United Kingdom's SAS, she must quickly learn new Close Quarters Battle tactics and apply them to a vengeful and threatening battlefield. 
Sarah's investigation appears to be going well until the fight turns personal. She must now struggle to save her friends, family, and even herself. Spanning the globe with a keen knowledge of special forces tactics and some genuinely shocking twists, this book warns of a bloody, drug-addled future we may soon face.


The idea of narcoterrorists operating in Buncrana, Inishowen, was my initial draw to this action thriller. However, the action packed sequences and the tense atmosphere that pervades the entire story line had me riveted. I love a good villain and they couldn't be more evil or depraved than the leaders in this drug cartel.
The action scenes were exciting and played out cinematically. My favourite action moment was when Sarah and Michael defended themselves against at an attack in a restaurant. It flowed seamlessly like a well performed dance routine. Another favourite was their operation in Buncrana. The idea that these foreign organisations could co-operate with Irish authorities and operate a mission like this in the Republic, a stone's throw from Northern Ireland, really blew my mind considering the history of the region.  

I was hugely impressed with the research the author made in writing this book. He has an obvious understanding and knowledge about Northern Ireland and how organised crime, the drug trade and terrorism never went away after the peace agreement, they simply adapted to a new order. I could identify with everything the author wrote about in this regard.

The author also has expert military knowledge which is evidenced in the very detailed descriptions and identifications of weapons, tactical training and the different techniques used by the various organisations. 
For the average reader like myself, the amount of detail and the overabundance of acronyms was too much at times. I appreciated the information at the beginning of the book as it set up my understanding of the various military and police organisations. However, having no understanding of weapons, ammunition and tactical communication codes etc meant that I was glossing over these very technical passages. I felt that the Buncrana operation was more bogged down in technical detail than the scene in the restaurant which is probably why I preferred the latter scene overall. I wanted to cut quick to the action and I didn't really care about the technical aspect. Another reader with knowledge and interest in military and police procedure would no doubt find this all very interesting and appreciate it more than me.

I am more interested in the human side of the story and again I was impressed with the author's ability to weave in friendships and romance and evoke an emotional response in the reader. There was also quite a lot of humour; various quips and teasing had me laughing out loud. I really got to know and care for the characters in this book.
I would have liked the characters to have been described in more detail. The author describes the sound of a bullet entering the human skull but descriptions of characters are limited to how they resemble singers/celebrities. I never picture famous people in the books I read, preferring my own mental image and I found it strange that the descriptions were not more fleshed out.

The Policewoman, although set in the future, is a very realistic thriller. It is based on today's reality which makes it all the more terrifying.

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Monday 10 July 2017

My Earl the Spy: The Spy Series Book 2 by Audrey Harrison (2016) Narrated by Melanie Fraser (2017)

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Henry Howarth, the Earl of Grinstead, cares for no one. Caring causes pain and he has experienced enough of that to last a lifetime. Spying for king and country keeps his mind focused and his heart firmly locked away. Miss Millicent Holland is a companion, running away from her past. Joshua Shambles is out to get revenge and he is a man with no conscience. Unwittingly, Henry puts Milly in danger and feels compelled to protect her, refusing to acknowledge it is anything other that duty that is motivating him. Dealing with the past while facing the real dangers of the present, Henry and Milly are tested beyond anything they have experienced before. Both will be changed beyond recognition in this novel of love and loss. 


 I am loving this series by Audrey Harrison. It is full of romance and intrigue, my favourite kind of regency set historical.

The narration is excellent. I always enjoy books performed by Melanie Fraser and I am enjoying this series immensely. Her voice really suits this genre and she is a very easy listen.

I enjoyed Millie and the Earl's story. They are two very likeable characters and I couldn't help but be swept along in their adventure. The fact that Millie's life was in danger added to the excitement and kept me hooked. I loved all the suspense towards the end of the book and the romantic ending left me feeling happy. 

I'd recommend listening to the first book, My Lord the Spy, first- simply because it's equally as good and the characters, including the villain, are introduced there.

Listeners who prefer historical romance without 'the naughty bits' will appreciate and enjoy this book.

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Lord of Pleasure (Rogues to Riches #2) by Erica Ridley (2017)

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In the Rogues to Riches historical romance series, Cinderella stories aren’t just for princesses… Sigh-worthy Regency rogues sweep strong-willed young ladies into whirlwind romance with rollicking adventure.

Nondescript “good girl” Miss Camellia Grenville only ever opens her mouth when forced to sing at her family’s musicales. That is, until the night she infiltrates the ton’s most scandalous masquerade ball on behalf of her sister, and finds herself in the arms—and the bed—of the one man she’d sworn to hate.

Irresistibly arrogant and unapologetically sensuous, infamous rake Lord Wainwright always gets his way. When he accepts a wager to turn his rakish image respectable in just forty days, he never anticipates falling for an anonymous masked lover...or that discovering her identity would destroy them both.


Another great read from Erica Ridley. I loved this sweet, romantic tale. The banter between the couple was humorous and I loved how the sparks flew when they bumped into one another other during the day. This was a lovely, feel good regency romance. Highly recommended.

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