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The Unbalanced Equation (Hot Mess Trilogy Book 1) by H.L MacFarlane (2022)



What do a bad landlord, a family wedding and a rogue Bunsen burner all have in common?

After suffering four years of scrutiny from her PhD assessor, Elizabeth Maclean believes she’s finally free of Dr Thomas Henderson’s tyranny when she begins her postdoc. But when a fire goes off in Tom’s lab (stupid undergrads) he ends up working in the same lab as Liz.

On the same bench, no less.

For three whole months.

To make matters worse – and much to their mutual surprise – Tom’s mum and Liz’s dad announce their impending marriage after a whirlwind romance. So when Liz’s landlord tells her to move out, pronto, it tips her over the edge. Desperate for a place to stay and in need of a saviour, the last person Liz expects to offer her a temporary home is Tom himself.

Now stuck working together, living together and planning their parents’ Christmas wedding together, will Liz discover that Tom’s attitude over the last four years was all a ruse to hide his true feelings? Or are the two doomed to fail in their co-existence experiment?

A smart, sexy enemies-to-lovers story perfect for fans of The Hating Game, Book Lovers and The Love Hypothesis, The Unbalanced Equation is H. L. Macfarlane’s first foray into contemporary rom-com territory. She swears there are no faeries this time.

The Unbalanced Equation is the first book in the Hot Mess Trilogy – a series of standalone but connected rom-coms set in Glasgow.

I loved this book.

Tom and Liz's initial meeting and mutual attraction before everything went to hell was a cute and entertaining start that had me hooked and it set the scene for why Tom was a bit over the top as her PhD assessor. 

A lot was made of how horrible Tom was to Liz during her PhD but we aren't given any specifics so it was difficult to get overly annoyed about it on her behalf. However, it went on for four years, making me wonder how she was still attracted to the man after that.

Their interactions from when they reconnect in the bar where she works to the inevitable HEA are filled with funny quips and one-liners. There were laugh-out-loud moments all the way through this book but also a few charming scenes. 

Tom lacks good judgement when it comes to manipulating Liz's life so they have to spend more time living together but the story is so cute and funny it's easy to gloss over that. When the time came, the pair made an adorable couple. The side characters who were keenly watching their progress from enemies to lovers were also a likeable, funny and relatable bunch.

Another thing I really loved about Tom and Liz was that they didn't want to get married or have children and they didn't change their minds or have a surprise pregnancy at the last moment. This was refreshing to read and I hope to see more couples like this in mainstream romance. The unbalanced equation is a light-hearted, very funny and low-angst romantic comedy that will lift your spirits.

Monday, 19 September 2022

All the Broken Places (The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas #2) by John Boyne (2022)

The long-awaited sequel to the global bestseller, 


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, this is John Boyne's latest novel for adults.

1946. Three years after a cataclysmic event which tore their lives apart, a mother and daughter flee Poland for Paris, shame, and fear at their heels, not knowing how hard it is to escape your past.

Nearly eighty years later, Gretel Fernsby lives a life that is a far cry from her traumatic childhood. When a couple moves into the flat below her in her London mansion block, it should be nothing more than a momentary inconvenience. However, the appearance of their nine-year-old son Henry brings back memories she would rather forget.

Faced with a choice between her own safety and his, Gretel is taken back to a similar crossroads she encountered long ago. Back then, her complicity dishonoured her life, but to interfere now could risk revealing the secrets she has spent a lifetime protecting.

It is a riveting follow-up to The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and it works incredibly well as a standalone.
The story is told with a dual timeline of Gretel's post-war life and the present. The frequent shift between past and present made compulsive reading and I devoured this book in one day.
Gretel is a very human and complex character who grappled with grief, guilt and fear for her entire adult life. She kept her identity secret for a lifetime and even as an old woman the thought of confronting her past and opening old wounds would leave her emotional and upset. There was no way she could right the wrongs of her past but I thought it fitting that she had the chance to make a difference in one little boy's life and in a way atone for her sins.

A couple of things about Gretel's life appeared odd to me- On the run from Nazi hunters and the like she and her mother chose Paris to hide in after the war and with their German accents not well disguised. Also, when Gretel was slightly older she didn't recognise that David was Jewish. These little oddities aside, the book is very fast-paced, and dark but greatly entertaining. 
Some people might get hung up on whether the book is historically accurate but as a work of fiction, it works. It is simply inspired by events in WWII and at the same time, it raises thought-provoking questions about what faced the ordinary Germans who had to adapt to post-war Europe.

Sunday, 4 September 2022

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna (2022)

A warm and uplifting novel about an isolated witch whose opportunity to embrace a quirky new family--and a new love--changes the course of her life.

As one of the few witches in Britain, Mika Moon knows she has to hide her magic, keep her head down, and stay away from other witches so their powers don't mingle and draw attention. And as an orphan who lost her parents at a young age and was raised by strangers, she's used to being alone and she follows the rules...with one exception: an online account, where she posts videos pretending to be a witch. She thinks no one will take it seriously.

But someone does. An unexpected message arrives, begging her to travel to the remote and mysterious Nowhere House to teach three young witches how to control their magic. It breaks all of the rules, but Mika goes anyway and is immediately tangled up in the lives and secrets of not only her three charges, but also an absent archaeologist, a retired actor, two long-suffering caretakers, and...Jamie. The handsome and prickly librarian of Nowhere House would do anything to protect the children, and as far as he's concerned, a stranger like Mika is a threat. An irritatingly appealing threat.

As Mika begins to find her place at Nowhere House, the thought of belonging somewhere begins to feel like a real possibility. But magic isn't the only danger in the world, and when a threat comes knocking at their door, Mika will need to decide whether to risk everything to protect a found family she didn't know she was looking for....

Mika and her found family at Nowhere House are a bunch of magical eccentrics. 
Witches are not allowed to live in groups because of the volatile nature of magic. Three children who don't have control of their magic are bound to cause problems. 
I loved that the people at Nowhere House had such a strong family bond and they didn't want to have to separate the children. Having read about Mika's upbringing and how lonely it was I was hoping for a good outcome for the children.
Jamie doesn't want Mika there as he sees her as a threat to the secrets they are hiding at Nowhere House. However, his grumpiness is soon mellowed the more he gets to know Mika.
There was a surprising twist at the end of the novel that I did not see coming and ended the story in a very heartwarming and uplifting way.
I loved the narration of this book. The narrator does a wonderful job of the characters' voices and accents. I was particularly impressed with Jamie as his accent is difficult to get right and Samara MacLaren nails it. Perfect.

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Ten Years by Pernille Hughes (2022) Published by One More Chapter, HarperCollins UK


Some days I feel like I’ve lived more than one lifetime, so, couldn’t we be right for each other this time around?’           

Becca and Charlie have known each other since university.

Becca and Charlies have also hated each other since university.

Until now. Until Ally’s bucket list. The death of their loved one should mean they can go their separate ways and not look back. But completing the list is something neither of them can walk away from.

And sometimes, those who bring out the worst in you, also bring out the very best…

Over the course of ten years, Becca and Charlie’s paths collide as they deal with grief, love and life after Ally.

Not since Emma and Dex in One Day and Will and Lou in Me Before You will you root for a couple as much. 

This book had me laughing and crying from start to finish and by the end of it, I was an emotional wreck. But, as heartbreaking as I found some aspects of the book it was equally funny and uplifting.
Grief is never easy to navigate but trying to do so with someone you don't like makes it a tumultuous journey. Becca and Charlie bicker nonstop but interspersed between arguments are some of the sweetest moments you can have between frenemies. The little considerations they had for each other spoke volumes. They knew each other inside out and when it truly mattered they were there for one another.
The annual bucket list tasks were tinged with sadness but quickly overridden with humour by their snarky one-liners and madcap ways. They were actually a joy to read and I couldn't wait to see what they get up to next.
Despite the heavy theme of loss, every page is enthused with humour. Becca is hilarious without even trying to be and I couldn't help but laugh at some of the things she said to Charlie to get on his nerves.
I loved watching the pair develop a friendship over the years and eventually find a HEA with each other.
A brilliant book that will stay on my keep shelf.

        Ten Years will be published tomorrow! 31st August 2022.


Monday, 22 August 2022

The Murder Question (A Beth Haldane Mystery book 3) by Alice Castle

When her best friend goes missing, amateur sleuth Beth Haldane is determined to do some digging of her own… but can she crack the mystery before it becomes a murder?

Beth Haldane is worried. First her dear friend and fellow single mother Jen suddenly gets married to a new man who seems too perfect to be true, then she moves out of leafy Dulwich Village – and now seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Beth knows Jen would 
never leave her little daughter to handle playground predicaments or her sneaky stepmother alone. Heading to Jen’s new home for answers, Beth’s knocks on the periwinkle-blue front door go unanswered. Police are convinced the lovebirds are on an extended honeymoon: but Beth suspects Jen’s new husband is up to no good… why does no-one in Dulwich know where he came from? Are his looks hiding a dark past?

With Jen’s unpleasant ex popping up at every turn, and gruff but handsome policeman DI Harry York insisting Beth should leave things to the professionals, it’s going to take all her sleuthing skills to track Jen down. But searching Jen’s overgrown garden for clues, Beth hears a twig snap… and next thing she knows, 
she’s woken up in a hospital bed.

Someone in normally peaceful Dulwich Village will do anything to stop her reaching the truth.
 Can Beth get to the bottom of this mystery before she’s the next to disappear?

A totally addictive murder mystery that’s perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, The Thursday Murder Club and Elly Griffiths.

Another engaging read in the Beth Haldane mysteries. This time the mystery is a lot slower to develop as Beth spends a lot of time worrying about her friend but not actually doing anything about it. I wanted her to report her friend missing a lot sooner as I knew what a nasty piece of work she was living with. Despite this, the story is still a quick and addictive read with a few twists and turns. 
Beth has decided with a lot of nudging that she should be open to dating and she sets up a profile on a dating app. At the same time, Harry has decided that he needs to up his game a little bit so he doesn't end up dying alone like some of the people he's found after a call-out. There were a few really sweet scenes between the pair which gave me a lot of hope and left me smiling. 

The whole series has been released today and is also available on kindle unlimited.


Sunday, 21 August 2022

The Murder Museum (A Beth Haldane Mystery Book 2) by Alice Castle



Caring mother, school historian, and amateur sleuth Beth Haldane loves to while away an afternoon in the Museum of Art. But will she be next in the frame… for murder?

Beth Haldane is gazing at enchanting paintings of the rolling English countryside when her daydream is rudely interrupted: by the discovery of a teenage girl unconscious on a marble bench.

Shocked, Beth realises this is no snoozing schoolchild. Someone dastardly has carefully crossed the girls’ hands across her white dress, as if she’s in a painting herself. And the girl’s discarded red backpack found in a corner of the museum is totally empty. Is someone suspicious hiding evidence? And who would want to harm this innocent soul?

With poor Sophia in hospital, and the parents of Dulwich Village in uproar that their little darlings might be next, Beth pesters police for updates. And with her keen eye for detail and research skills, Beth is perfectly placed to do some sleuthing of her own… but why are Sophia’s gaggle of friends so close-lipped? Has some typical teenage drama taken a dark turn?

But her questions are ruffling feathers at every turn. With Sophia’s life hanging by a thread, can Beth find her attacker before it’s too late – and before the finger points at Beth herself?

A deliciously gripping cozy mystery that’s perfect for fans of fans of Agatha Christie, The Thursday Murder Club and Faith Martin.

This book was previously published as The Girl in the Gallery.

This second book in the series starts off with a very creepy but artistic sort of crime scene where Beth finds a lifeless girl posed in a way that resembles some of her favourite paintings at the museum. The mystery of who the girl is and what happened to her sparks a complicated investigation that seems to hit dead end after dead end. There is a very real sense of urgency as the victims, in this case, are young teens.
 DI Harry York, against his better judgement, is tempted once again to involve Beth in the investigation as she has a logical mind and the uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the right time. I enjoy their interactions and their inner musings about one another. I really like Harry and found it sweet that he thought of Beth as a princess. It also made me laugh that he felt the need to include her in the investigation only to get very cross with her for being in harm's way when events develop out of her control. He really gets on Beth's nerves at times but they tend to get over any squabbles very quickly.

I love the social commentary in these books. The teachers and their attitudes towards certain students and their parents are very true to life. The report card comments made me smile as did the perils of the parent cliques at the school gates.  
Parents and their relationships with their children are also keenly observed by the author as is social media and the alarming impact it has on today's youth. 

The Murder Museum will be released on the 22nd of August along with the rest of the series. 

Friday, 19 August 2022

The Murder Mystery (A Beth Haldane Mystery Book 1) by Alice Castle (2022)


Meet Dulwich Village’s most daring resident, Beth Haldane. Mother to a sweet little boy, owner of a sulky cat… and solver of mysteries?

It’s a crisp spring day in Dulwich Village when 
Beth arrives at the intricate iron gates of Wyatt’s School for her new job as the historian’s assistant. But on a lunchtime stroll admiring the pristine grounds of this five-hundred-year-old institution, Beth is shocked to stumble over the body of her new boss Alan Jenkins: spectacles askew, his mustard-yellow tweed jacket covered in blood.

Gossip about outsider Beth spreads like wildfire. The parents in the playground are all whispering: 
did she bump him off to get her hands on his job?

Desperate to clear her name and protect her own little boy, Beth turns her research skills to hunt for the true killer. She soon discovers Alan rubbed his fellow teachers up the wrong way… 
could the handsome headmaster be involved? Why did Beth see a flash of the school receptionist’s bright pink jumper at the murder scene? And what is the groundskeeper hiding?

When Beth returns from her sleuthing to find her office in disarray and documents missing from the archives, it’s clear this prestigious school hides a deadly secret. But with parents and teachers panicking that the long-protected reputation of Wyatt’s is under threat, 
will Beth herself be in the murderer’s sights before the school bell rings?

Wander down the cobbled streets of Dulwich, where nothing is as perfect as it seems! Fans of Agatha Christie, The Thursday Murder Club and Faith Martin won’t be able to put down this deliciously gripping mystery.

This book was previously published as 
Death in Dulwich

The Murder Mystery is a quick, easy read. The character development, Beth's inner musings, and acerbic observations during the school run make it so enjoyable. Beth is a lovely person and very relatable. We get to know her personal history as a grieving, single mother and as a reader, I couldn't help but get emotionally invested in her life.
Having the school as a setting for murder was a little bit different and luckily most of the staff and pupils were away on a field trip which narrowed down the pool of suspects somewhat. I was impressed with how well the author wrote about education and experiences and attitudes towards special needs and learning support. It was all very realistic and true to life.
As Beth continued to investigate the murder it became clearer who the culprit was most likely to be but I had to wait to the end to find out if I was right.
Thankfully sparse in detail, the heavier topic of child abuse also came into the frame as the investigation gathered pace. I really enjoyed DI York. It was easy to see that he was good at his job and was trying to keep a professional distance from Beth even though it was obvious that they would make good friends. The scene where he helped call her cat home was cute. I'm looking forward to seeing these two develop their relationship as the series progresses.
I spent a lovely relaxing day reading this book and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

The Murder Mystery will be released on the 22nd of August.

Rotten to the Core (A Lady Hardcastle Mystery #8) by T E Kinsey


Summer 1911. A scorching heatwave engulfs the quiet town of Littleton Cotterell and brings about an unusually early harvest. The villagers are thrilled, but events quickly turn sour when one of them turns up dead in an apple orchard, stabbed through the heart.

Amateur sleuth Lady Hardcastle and her trusty lady’s maid, Flo, suddenly have a juicy case on their hands. Might the mysterious stranger they recently met in the village be to blame?

When a second cider-related murder takes place, it quickly becomes clear that there’s more to these mysterious deaths than meets the eye. The daring duo uncover whispers of an ancient order and moonlit rituals. And evidence points to a macabre secret in the village stretching back years. A secret someone will do anything—anything at all—to keep hidden.

Something is rotten, that’s for sure. With the local constabulary baffled, Lady Hardcastle and Flo must use all their powers of wit and whimsy to get to the bottom of the dastardly deed. But can they catch the killer before any more people drop dead?

The eighth book in a series that's still going strong. Lady Hardcastle and Flo make a great duo in solving crime in their little town. The humour in the dialogue between the pair is very humorous and not what you would necessarily expect between employer and employee but it shows what a friendship and bond they have. 
The mystery here is baffling and it's no wonder that the police have no problem involving Lady Hardcastle in the investigation as she and Flo seem to have the knack of delving into other people's business and secrets and figuring out the impossible.
A lively and fast paced mystery with a delightful cast of characters.

About the Author

Tim Kinsey grew up in London and read history at Bristol University. Rotten to the Core is the eighth story in the Lady Hardcastle Mystery series, and he is also the author of the Dizzy Heights Mystery series. His website is at, and you can follow him on Twitter @tekinsey, as well as on Facebook:

Rotten to the Core is out now Amazon

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Death Visits January : A Gloriously Gruesome and Utterly Unique Whodunnit by Fiona Sherlock (2022) Poolbeg Press


When a local farmer announces on social media that he has discovered a ‘bog body’ in Ardee, experts are keen to explore the secrets of the life and grisly death of the victim.

Antique journalist January Quail is fighting to keep her newspaper job and gets involved. But she uncovers far more than she bargained for. The ‘bog body’ turns out to be a recent murder, and January uses her nose for the truth to investigate the County Louth town. From shopkeeper to publican, everyone is a suspect but, when the gardaí can’t find the killer, can she?

Once she sets down her liqueur glass, January gains the confidence of the lead Garda investigator. Within days, the case unravels into a much more dangerous situation with a killer on the loose.

Despite the risk, January is electrified, as this newest discovery has come at the perfect time to inject some colour into her flailing career. She relinquishes her old ways to fight for survival, abandoning her antiques column and vintage corsets to solve a cryptic crime that has the experts puzzled.


‘I loved it – a marvellously morbid, gloriously gruesome and utterly unique whodunnit. The rakish January Quail is the most vivid and charismatic female lead I've read in a long time.’ SOPHIE WHITE

‘A compelling, thrilling debut. One to watch. Read it.’ PAUL WILLIAMS

I absolutely loved everything about this book.
January is an old-fashioned and very quirky character who doesn't care one iota about what people think of her. Any grown woman who goes into a sweet shop to buy penny sweets is my type of person. 
Some of her other quirks that I found very amusing were her penchant for wearing corsets and other victorian styled clothing, she's a bit snobby and brings her own napkins and accoutrements with her when she eats out, she likes Assam tea, and is fond of alcohol, especially Crème De Menthe.
January is very old school when it comes to working as a journalist. She is more inclined to handwrite her notes rather than type them up on a computer. She doesn't use social media or keep up with technology. 
I found the reference to bog bodies in this mystery to be absolutely fascinating but completely horrifying at the same time. It made for a very disturbing and gruesome end for our murder victim. 
The village is full of strange characters and eccentric men, any of whom could be the killer. Indeed it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint who it is exactly and the author does an incredible job of keeping the reader in the dark until the pivotal moment.
I liked Detective Cooney and how he allowed January access to the investigation. There was good chemistry between them and he proved to be intelligent and someone to be counted upon when in a tight spot. Their friendship was a nice light touch and they made a good team.
The last section of the book was thrilling and had me on tenterhooks. I couldn't put it down and I was left wanting more adventures with January and Cooney and wishing that the next book was already out!

Death Visits January is out now Amazon

Sunday, 14 August 2022

With Fire in Their Blood (Skeleton Keepers #1) by Kat Delacorte (2022)

Today is my day on #TheWriteReads #UltimateBlogTour for With Fire in Their Blood by Kat Delacorte. I'd like to thank  The Write Reads and Penguin for my early copy.

               With Fire in Their Blood will be published on the 1st of September.


Book Info

Genre: YA Fantasy

Length: 416 Pages

Publishing: 1st September 2022

Find it here to preorder at Amazon

Add it to your shelf on Goodreads


‘Startingly original... Readers will be lured into this tumultuous world of warring families, forbidden power, and heart-searing romance’ - Lyndall Clipstone (Lakesedge, Forestfall) 

From the word-of-mouth fantasy sensation Kat Delacorte – the standout debut star of 2022 YA Lit Con (YALC) – comes the first instalment in a new YA fantasy duology. 

Packed to the brim with bisexual and queer representation, With Fire in Their Blood is a simmering supernatural romance set in the crumbling Italian city of Castello, where mafia clans make the rules, dark magic pulses the streets and the sins of the past threaten to consume the present. . . 

When sixteen-year-old Lilly arrives in Castello, she isn't impressed.
A secluded town in the Italian mountains is not where she saw her last years of high school playing out. 

Divided for generations by a brutal clan-family war, the two halves of Castello are kept from destroying each other by the mysterious General, a leader determined to maintain order and 'purity'. . . whatever the cost. 

Lilly falls in with the rebellious Liza, brooding Nico and sensitive Christian, and sparks begin to fly. But in a city where love can lead to ruin, Lilly isn't sure she can trust anyone -- not even herself. 

And then she accidentally breaks Castello's most important rule: when the General's men come to test your blood, you'd better not be anything more than human... 

Perfect for lovers of Chloe Gong, Renée Ahdieh and V.E. Schwab, With Fire in Their Blood is quality YA storytelling at its best by an exciting new voice in YA fantasy. 

With Fire in Their Blood, dark and gothic is a dystopian fantasy infused with paranormal and magical elements.

The eerie and isolated town of Castello in Italy is a great location for this story. It is atmospheric and creepy. There's a general sense of doom and oppression right from the moment Lily enters the town. The fact that the town is divided between two warring factions and heavily policed by armed guards felt very real and reminded me of Northern Ireland during the Troubles. I could really feel the animosity and underlying current of hostility and mistrust the residents of Castello had for each other.

I found myself heavily immersed in this magical world of Castello and hooked from the very beginning. The story is quite quick paced but the tension and suspense really ratchet up a notch in the final quarter of the book. It's exciting and nail-biting and I had my heart in my mouth all the way to the end.

I loved the character development.  Lily's peers were antagonistic towards her at the beginning but a friendship of sorts developed between them as the story progressed. The twists and turns in their relationships added a sense of heart and camaraderie and it pulled at my heartstrings when they were presented with conflicting and unbearable choices. 

The adults in the book were less easily understood as their motivations and agendas were more hidden. I was left wondering about Lily's father. What had he been trying to tell her and what happened to him in the end? I was getting the sense that he went to Castello with a hidden agenda and that he was trying to protect her somehow but none of this is revealed. I'm hoping he will redeem himself in the next book and that said book isn't too far away.

About the Author

Kat Delacorte was eleven years old when her family moved from the United States to a small town in central Italy. She soon began writing stories about her new friends developing superpowers, and she hasn't looked back since. She graduated with a BA in History from Columbia University, and lives in Venice, Italy. 

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Quarter to Midnight (New Orleans #1) by Karen Rose (2022)

Quarter to Midnight

the thrilling first book in a brand new series from the bestselling author


The truth of what happened that night lies with a secret witness.

Quarter to Midnight is the first thrilling novel in a brand new series by Sunday Times bestselling author Karen Rose, set in New Orleans.

Rocky Hebert walks into his death at quarter to midnight one New Orleans night.

His son Gabe cannot accept the official verdict of suicide and enlists the help of the Burke Broussard Private Investigation Agency to discover the real cause of death.

PI Molly Sutton knows what it's like to lose a father in tragic circumstances and will go to any lengths to crack the investigation, as she tries to fight off her growing feelings for Gabe.

They soon realise Rocky was working on an investigation of his own; one that threatened to expose the deep corruption going all the way to the top of the police department. And that the key to the puzzle lies with a young witness to a murder that happened years earlier: Xavier Morrow.

Just what did Rocky know? And who might have shut him up?

As they get closer and closer to the truth, they realise that the killer is not going to stop at Rocky. And that Xavier is in very real danger. Someone will go to any lengths to protect what he witnessed that night coming out...

'High-wire suspense that keeps you riveted' Lisa Gardner

'Intense, complex and unforgettable' James Patterson

'Fast and furious' Sun

As an avid reader of all Karen Rose books, I was so happy to start this one.

Quarter to Midnight starts off in a shocking and tension seeped scene where the reader is confronted with two murders. What makes it shocking for the reader is that we learn a lot about the second victim, Rocky, as events unfold and he becomes important to us. As readers, we want to find justice for him.
 We are already invested in finding the killer by the time Gabe hires a PI to find out the truth. They discover that the key to everything is an unsolved murder that occurred during Hurricane Katrina. As the body count rapidly climbs and attempts on their lives increase it becomes a race against time to put a stop to it once and for all.
There are a lot of characters in this book but they are all important and connected. There are quite a few that I hope will feature in the series as it progresses.
Molly and Gabe made a good team and I like that Molly was capable and smart. Her backstory is as equally compelling as the main storyline. 

A thrilling and exciting new read from Karen Rose.  

Quarter to Midnight is out now!

About the author

Internationally bestselling author Karen Rose was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. She met her husband, Martin, on a blind date when they were seventeen and after they both graduated from the University of Maryland, (Karen with a degree in Chemical Engineering) they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Karen worked as an engineer for a large consumer goods company, earning two patents, but as Karen says, “scenes were roiling in my head and I couldn't concentrate on my job so I started writing them down. I started out writing for fun, and soon found I was hooked.”

Her debut suspense novel, DON'T TELL, was released in July, 2003. Since then, she has published more than fifteen novels and two novellas. Her twenty-sixth novel, QUARTER TO MIDNIGHT, will be released in 2022.

Karen's books have appeared on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, London's Sunday Times, and Germany's der Spiegel (#1), and the Irish Times, as well as lists in South Africa(#1) and Australia! To date, her books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

A former high school teacher of chemistry and physics, Karen lives in Florida with her husband of more than thirty years.