Wednesday 2 August 2023

The Girl Who Lied (Chief Maggie Riley #1) by Shannon Hollinger, Narrated by Amelia Sciandra (2023)

The woods are hiding more than Chief Maggie Riley could ever imagine. Including her own worst nightmares…

There’s a blood moon rising over the tiny Maine town of Coyote Cove. Chief Maggie Riley is driving home ahead of a storm when she comes across the body of a man, blood seeping from stab wounds into the damp forest floor. And Heather, a local teenage girl, standing terrified, a silent scream on her lips, beside him.

Maggie, a redheaded decorated former homicide detective and more than over-qualified for a two-horse-town police chief, has been hiding from her past for three years. The quiet of Coyote Cove was everything she needed after… what happened. But with this murder, the life she left behind has found her. The townspeople believe Heather—already an outcast, and an easy suspect—is the killer, but Maggie isn’t convinced. To uncover the truth, Maggie must use the skills, and contacts, of her former world, however painful that will be.

As Maggie digs into the victim’s background, she is horrified to unearth another body, this time an infamous local, as callously killed as the first. But Heather’s in custody; there’s no way she could be the culprit, and Maggie’s investigation turns to the townspeople. Who has a secret so dangerous they’d kill twice to keep it hidden?

Then Heather goes missing. The race to identify the murderer is now a race to save Heather. As the search turns to the woods, the hunt is on for the killer so skilled, so twisted, no one knows how many bodies it will take before they’re found. And whether one of those will be Heather’s…


A dark and twisty murder mystery. In this opening book of the series, we are introduced to Maggie, the chief of police of a small town. She lives across the road from her boyfriend and both are hiding secrets about their past from the other. The mystery behind what they are both running from is a very intriguing subplot and one that wasn't fully revealed in this instalment. And it's something that I want to find out more about in the next book.

The murder mystery here is a tangled web as there are so many nasty oddballs in this little town who could easily be the culprit. I liked how Maggie joined all the clues together to finally understand what happened on the night she found the dead body. I found Heather to be a very interesting character and I wanted things to work out for her but I did wonder how accurate was her psychological report.

I really like how dark this mystery is and the morally grey aspect of my favourite characters. It's different and it kept me interested.

The narration of the audiobook is performed well with good voices for both male and female characters. This was a quick read that I enjoyed in one day. 

The Girl Who Lied is out now. 

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  1. Oooh, I like the sound of this one! Adding to my TBR