Thursday 31 August 2023

Saving the Good News Gazette by Jessie Wells (2023)


Zoe has a special talent for saving lost causes…but she’ll need a miracle to save herself from this mess! When her biggest advertising account cancels their contract, single mum Zoe Taylor’s Good News Gazette – Westholme’s pre-eminent feel-good news source – faces an uncertain future. Determined to save her paper, Zoe strikes a bargain with millionaire developer Daniel Lewis – he’ll help her find advertisers and in exchange, she’ll spearhead his campaign to save the Art Deco cinema from destruction. But with her boyfriend Sam no fan of her new business partner, an unexpected job offer from her old boss, and an unshakeable feeling that there’s something more between her and Daniel than there should be, Zoe’s future soon feels as uncertain as her paper’s…and she’ll be forced to make a decision that changes everything for her and her son Charlie.


I love it when a book leaves you wanting more and Saving the Good News Gazette did just that. Packed with humorous scenes and a community that pulls together, it makes for a charming and uplifting story.

Zoe and Daniel get to spend together in their attempt at bringing the old cinema back to life. Daniel is a total sweetheart and I am rooting for him and Zoe to eventually wind up together. They have great chemistry, he's obviously mad about her plus he has that big swanky house. 

Zoe and her group of friends and volunteers provide a lot of comic relief throughout this story making it a quick, enjoyable read. I'm itching to see what happens next as it ended in a little bit of a cliffhanger.

Saving the Good News Gazette is the sequel to The Good News Gazette.  I read and loved it as a standalone novel but I will definitely be picking up the next one in the series. I can't wait.

Jessie Wells lives with her husband and two children in Merseyside. She has always written in some form, and previously worked as a journalist on the Liverpool Echo and Sunday Mirror and as a freelancer for various national women's magazines and newspapers before moving into finance. She loves nothing more than getting lost in her imaginary worlds, which are largely filled with romance, communities bursting with character and a large dose of positivity.

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