Tuesday 1 August 2023

Death from Beyond (Bartenders Guide to Murder 4) by Sharon Linnéa Narrated by Abbie Pfaff (2023)


When bartender Avalon Nash dares enter the remains of Tranquility’s infamous haunted lodge, she unleashes deadly secrets waiting to come back to life.

It’s Halloween and Avalon is on the outs with her boyfriend, her cop friend and her best friend.

When she ventures into the ruins of an old lodge above the town, she uncovers evidence of murders that have haunted the locals for decades.

Then a new friend, in town for a high school reunion, vanishes and she must battle the murderous danger that continues to stalk Tranquility to this day.

Some things are called spooky for a reason. 


This is the fourth in the series but the first one I've listened to or read.

The series has a good premise. Avalon is a young bartender with paranormal abilities. She can see spirits. 

The story starts off well with a mysterious visitor coming to town for a school reunion, a murder, and the haunting of the old lodge which has a dark past.

Having not read the previous books I was expecting Avalon to interact with ghosts and generally be more involved in spooky goings-on but her investigations involved the living more than anything else. The history and narrow-mindedness of the town's people concerning minorities was a central theme in this book.

I liked Avalon's friend, the cop but, I didn't like her boyfriend who seemed very self-centred and selfish.

The story held my attention for most of it but it waned near the end. The softly spoken narration made it an easy listen and I will probably look out for the next book in the series when it releases.

Death From Beyond will be published on the 11th of August 2023.

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