Saturday 30 March 2024

Murder on the Dancefloor: (The Bad Girls Detective Agency Book 2) by Katie Marsh (2024) Blog Tour


They DID promise her a killer hen weekend...

Jeanie’s getting married, and – despite her completely impossible four sisters – her best friends Clio and Amber are determined to give her a bachelorette weekend to remember. They’re in matching pink T-shirts and the drinks are flowing...

But the night turns out to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons when a girl turns up dead on the dancefloor. And – even though she’s a stranger – she is wearing one of Jeanie’s hen T-shirts.

Who is she? And why are the police convinced that the hens are involved? Can the newly-formed Bad Girls Detective Agency solve the murder? And in time to get Jeanie up the aisle?

Unputdownable mystery set on the English coast – perfect for fans of The Thursday Murder Club, Bad Sisters and How to Kill Your Family.

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Murder on the Dance Floor is a humorous cozy mystery with an ensemble cast who work together to find a killer.

The hen party kicks off in an uproarious way when a girl is stabbed on the dance floor. There is a lot of tense drama here as people scramble to help the dying girl while others try to preserve the scene and stop people from leaving. There is one suspect right from the get go and it isn't long before one of the ladies from the detective agency is in hot pursuit.

Things aren't always as they seem though and events take an even darker turn when a plot involving drugs, blackmail and kidnapping is unveiled. 

I enjoyed the relationships between Jeanie and her family and her friends. Jeannie's family might be a royal pain, but they are loving and are there for one another when it matters. There is also great banter between Jeannie and her friends, which lends humour to the story.

The ladies seem to stumble onto clues and into situations at the drop of a hat leading to plenty of dramatic yet lighthearted scenes in their pursuit of the truth.

Author Bio

Katie wrote romantic fiction before turning to crime. Her debut novel was a World Book Night pick and her books are published in ten languages.

She lives in the English countryside and loves strong coffee and pretending to be in charge of her children. ‘How Not to Murder your Ex’, the first in her Bad Girls Detective Agency series is out now, published by Boldwood Books. The next instalment, 'Murder on the Dancefloor,' follows in March 2024.

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Thursday 28 March 2024

The Missing Maid (The baker Street Mysteries Book 1) by Holly Hepburn

London, 1932.

When Harriet White rebuffs the advances of her boss at the Baker Street building society where she works, she finds herself demoted to a new position… a very unusual position. Deep in the postal department beneath the bank, she is tasked with working her way through a mountain of correspondence addressed to Baker Street’s most famous resident: Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Seemingly undeterred by the fact that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t exist, letter after letter arrives, beseeching him to help solve mysteries, and Harry diligently replies to each writer with the same response: Mr Holmes has retired from detective work and now lives in Sussex, keeping bees.

Until one entreaty catches her eye. It’s from a village around five miles from Harry’s family estate, about a young woman who went to London to work as a domestic, then disappeared soon afterwards in strange circumstances. Intrigued, Harry decides, just this once, to take matters into her own hands.

And so, the case of the missing maid is opened…

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I loved everything about this historical cozy. The link to Sherlock Holmes intrigued me as I didn't know that this was based on the fact that someone was actually employed at the Building Society to answer letters sent to Sherlock Holmes. I love history so this little tidbit fascinated me and it sets up Harry nicely for many more investigations.
Harry is a wonderful character. She's clever, independent and kind. She has a secret tendre for Oliver, the family friend and I'm sure he feels the same way. However, it doesn't stop the flirty banter between her and the occasional eligible bachelor that her match-making mother sends her way.
The mystery of the missing maid kept me entertained throughout. The pacey drama and easy-to-read style meant that I devoured this book in one day
I loved this mystery and I'll be excited to read the next book when it is published.

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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Dying To Bake (A Right Royal Cozy Investigation Mystery Book 9) by Helen Golden

Bake Off Wars is back! Get your aprons on and let the sleuthing begin!

 Vera Bolt, Queen of Bakes, dies unexpectedly aged 66  

In a shocking announcement this afternoon, Vera Bolt’s agent confirmed that the Bake Off Wars judge and national treasure died yesterday. Ms Bolt was in the process of filming the next series of the hugely popular television show at Francis Court, the home of the King’s sister and her family. It’s believed that the renowned pastry chef was stabbed in the heart, and the main suspect is rumoured new royal girlfriend, Summer York.

What am I supposed to do? 

Lady Beatrice has promised DCI Richard Fitzwilliam that she won’t get involved in the investigation into Vera Bolt’s death. But when her brother’s new love interest, Summer York, becomes the top suspect for Vera’s murder, Fred begs Bea to find out who the real killer is. In a race against time, can Bea navigate a labyrinth of secrets and lies, evade danger, and safeguard her friendship with Fitzwilliam?  

The answer may determine not only Summer’s innocence but also the fate of Bea’s and Fitzwilliam’s burgeoning feelings for each other.

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In Dying to Bake Lady Beatrice reluctantly takes on a new investigation after TV chef Vera Bolt is murdered at Francis Court. She follows various suspects through a twisting path of red herrings and danger. The plot is cleverly contrived and easy to read with a great cast of characters. The familiar group of friends and family appear, and Daisy, the dog, is always a delight. 
Suspense and drama unfold at a rapid pace with a second murder and it isn't long before Lady Bea finds herself confronting a killer.
The relationship between Richard and Beatrice takes a new turn, signalling some life changes for them.

Author Bio

Hello. I’m Helen Golden. I write British contemporary cozy whodunnits with a hint of humour. I live in small village in Lincolnshire in the UK with my husband, my step-daughter, her two cats, our two dogs, sometimes my step-son, and our tortoise.
I used to work in senior management, but after my recent job came to a natural end I had the opportunity to follow my dreams and start writing. It's very early in my life as an author, but so far I'm loving it.
It’s crazy busy at our house, so when I’m writing I retreat to our caravan (an impulsive lockdown purchase) which is mostly parked on our drive. When I really need total peace and quiet, I take it to a lovely site about 15 minutes away and hide there until my family runs out of food or clean clothes

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Saturday 23 March 2024

Murder in Moscow (A Fiona Figg & Kitty Lane Mystery Book 5) by Kelly Oliver BLOG TOUR


Journey into the heart of 20th Century Russia in this fun and funny historical mystery, perfect for fans of Verity Bright and Helena Dixon.

1918 Moscow

Will following her heart mean losing her head? It could mean losing her job. Fiona Figg trails her nemesis Fredrick Fredricks to Moscow. But when she arrives at the grand Metropol Hotel, the bounder has vanished.

After Fiona doesn’t show up for work at the War Office, Kitty Lane raises a red flag and tracks her to Russia. Seeking haven at the British Embassy, Kitty and Fiona become embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Bolshevik government.

But the plot turns deadly when Fiona goes undercover as a governess in the household of Iron Viktor, the Bolsheviks’ Head of Secret Police. And when Viktor turns up dead in his study, Fiona finds herself wanted for murder and on the lam.

Can Fiona and Kitty find the real killer and escape the Kremlin before it’s too late? Or will this dangerous game of Russian roulette be their last?

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Murder in Moscow is the thrilling and humorous fifth book in the series. Fiona Figg and Kitty Lane make a fantastic duo as both are talented spies in their own ways. Fiona makes clever use of disguise whereas Kitty is good in a fight and is often the person who comes to Fiona's rescue. 
I was anxious for Fiona at the beginning of the novel when she was arrested by the Cheka. Arrest in a foreign land during a civil war is never a good thing. It isn't long before she is caught up in another investigation and murder. With daring escapades, suspense and drama there isn't a dull moment.
I had very high hopes for Fiona and Ferdrick Fredricks at the end of the last novel so I was surprised at the turn of events in this book. I still have questions about both men but I have a soft spot for Fredrick and I get the sense that it's with him where Fiona's heart truly lies. Only time will tell and I'll be tagging along their journey to find out.

Author Bio
Kelly Oliver is the author of three award-winning bestselling mystery series and dozens of nonfiction books.


Thursday 21 March 2024

Betrayal at Ravenswick Fiona Figg Mystery #1) by Kelly Oliver


Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie in this charming series opener. 

What's the best way to purge an unfaithful husband? Become a spy for British Intelligence, of course. Desperate to get out of London, and determined to help the war effort and stop thinking about her philandering husband, Fiona Figg volunteers to go undercover. At Ravenswick Abbey a charming South African war correspondent has tongues wagging. His friends say he's a crack huntsman. The War Office is convinced he's a traitor. Fiona thinks he's a pompous prig. What sort of name is Fredrick Fredricks anyway? Too bad Fiona doesn't own a Wolseley pith helmet. At Ravenswick a murderer is on the prowl, and it's not just the big-game hunter who's ready to pounce. 

Looking for your next binge-worthy series? Grab it today and start the fun."

A madcap caper with a surprise at every turn... thoroughly delightful." —Novels Alive 

Other Books in the series

High Treason at the Grand Hotel

Villainy in Vienna 

Chaos at Carnegie Hall

Covert in Cairo

Mayhem in the Mountains

Having read some of this series out of sequence I felt compelled to start from the beginning and see how Fiona got into the spying business and how she managed to get tangled up with Fredrick Fredricks.
In 'Betrayal at Ravenswick' we learn about Fiona's marital strife, divorce and her work with the War Office. We also see Fiona don a disguise for the first time to pass herself off as male and a famous doctor with a speciality in poisons. This speciality is soon to prove invaluable when a murder occurs at Ravenswick and Fiona suspects poisoning.
Fredrick Fredricks is also a master of disguise, clever and charming. There is a great air of mystery surrounding him as he seems to blend into all kinds of social situations but no one knows his background intimately beyond his reputation as a huntsman and a journalist.
Archie, Fiona's love interest in the series is introduced in this book and it was interesting to experience their first meeting and the beginning of their friendship.
The murder mystery here is complex as there are so many possible suspects with motive and opportunity. The author does a great job of tying all the threads together whilst keeping the reader in suspense. 
This was a great start to the series and I will be sure to dive into the next book very soon.

Betrayal at Ravenswick is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook Amazon

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Fatal by Design A Bow Street Duchess Mystery: Book 5 by Cara Devlin

After the shocking events of the spring, Audrey Sinclair and Hugh Marsden are adjusting to their new lives when an apparent highway robbery ends in the violent abduction of Audrey’s sister.

As callous as Millie has been in the past, Audrey can’t turn her back on family. She’ll do whatever it takes to find her sister, even if it means working with the man she’s been avoiding for months: former Bow Street officer Hugh Marsden.

Unsettled with his new role in society, and being deemed one of London's most eligible bachelors, Hugh is happy to fall back on his Bow Street skills to track down Lady Redding—and to see Audrey again. But the viscountess’s disappearance is only half of the puzzle. A long-lost ring worth a fortune could be the driving force behind the deadly events, and as Audrey and Hugh unravel the truth—along with the secrets and complications surrounding their future—a killer closes in on the house party… and selects a new victim.

A massively entertaining historical mystery. 
A house party is always a good setting for murder as the killer is normally close at hand hiding in plain sight making the suspense palpable.
The urgency of the need to find Millie becomes more intense after the body of her maid is pulled from the river. Fortunately, Hugh is there to lead the investigation aided by a few insights from Audrey's abilities.

The developments in Audrey and Hugh's relationship are as tangled and twisty as the case of the kidnapping of Audrey's sister Millie and the murder of her maid and driver. Both storylines had me completely hooked, but the state of affairs for Hugh and Audrey as a couple really has me on tenterhooks. Is she really free of her husband or will he return in a future book to throw more trouble her way?
 I enjoy the subplots and potential romance woven through the main story involving some side characters. It adds more depth and leads into the rest of the series.
A great read that I devoured in one day.

If you are new to the Bow Street Duchess Mysteries, you should start at book one because of a developing and continuing story arc.

Thursday 14 March 2024

Tour Wars: Romancing the Ruins Book 3 by Carla Luna


Tour Wars

Ten days, two rivals, and a busload of tourists. How bad could it be?

For archaeologist Emilia Flores, landing a fellowship to work at the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy is a dream come true. The only catch? She’ll be digging alongside her infuriating nemesis, TJ Mayer, who’s been a constant thorn in her side.

TJ isn’t about to pass up the Pompeii project. Sure, he’ll be stuck working with Emilia, but he thrives on challenging her. And he hasn’t forgotten that secret kiss they shared at an archaeology conference last winter.

Though unearthing Pompeii’s treasures might be a dream, student debt is a nightmare that never takes a vacation. So, when TJ and Emilia are offered a lucrative side job to lead a ten-day tour through Southern Italy, they grudgingly agree to tackle it together.

Forced to set aside their animosity and work as a team, they forge an unexpected camaraderie. As the sparks between them ignite, their rivalry gives way to passion, making it easy to forget their years of fierce competition. But what happens when the tour ends and the real world steps in?

Tour Wars is a rivals-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine romance featuring a nerdy cinnamon roll hero, a strong-willed Latina heroine, and plenty of hotel hijinks.

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An enemies-to-lovers romance set in Italy makes a winning combination in Tour Wars.

The south of Italy is a wonderful setting and the little tidbits of information about Pompeii made me feel like I was there again.

Emilia and TJ love to challenge and compete with one another whilst secretly crushing on each other at the same time. They have great chemistry and the sexual tension notches up even more as they spend time together during their tour guide job. They also bond over trouble-shooting all the little hiccups that happen on the tour. 
TJ's protective instincts also come into play when their boss's predatory nephew, Luca, pays Emilia a lot of unwanted attention. 
The group of tourists on the trip are a funny bunch. There is the usual mix of old and young, the entitled and overly demanding guests and those who are nice and a lot of fun. I liked how Emilia and TJ worked together to make sure that all of the guests had a good time and had no reason to complain.
I really wanted to see Luca get exposed for the creep he was and suffer the repercussions for his actions.
Emilia and TJ make a great team and I loved how everything worked out romantically and professionally for them in the end.

Carla Luna writes contemporary romance with a dollop of humor and a pinch of spice. A former archaeologist, she still dreams of traveling to far-off places and channels that wanderlust into the settings of her stories. Her passions include baking, Broadway musicals, whimsical office supplies, and pop culture podcasts. Though she has roots in Los Angeles and Vancouver Island, she currently resides in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with her family and her feisty Siberian cat.

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Wednesday 13 March 2024

Lady Ambition's Dilemma: Book Three of the Scott-De Quincy Mysteries (Lady Helena Investigates) by Jane Steen

A dynasty is at stake.

It seemed like a straightforward request–and Helena is used to her sister Blanche making demands on her time and fortune.

But the most ambitious of her sisters reveals a dilemma that may wipe out the title she holds. When tragedy strikes, Helena must reprise her role as the Investigating Lady to save a nephew she doesn’t even like.

And what about her own future? The return of a hero from the past awakens old emotions and suggests new possibilities, while the revelation of the full extent of Armand Fortier’s family secret poses a challenge Fortier himself thinks insurmountable. Where will Cupid’s arrows land?

Join Helena as she contends with a potential scandal that’s even bigger than the last one, gains new allies and an enemy with a most convincing argument, and learns a secret that may change the course of history.

Another compelling mystery for Lady Helena to investigate. This time it is her nephew who is in dire straits having been arrested for the murder of his former lover, Lord Arthur. Avoiding another scandal is also high on everyone's priority list.
I had my suspicions as to who the murderer was and I enjoyed going along for the adventure with Helena and finding out whether I was right.
Dr Fortier returns to the area and brings his cousin, Louisa, complicating matters for his and Helena's romance. The path to matrimony is going to be a bumpy road. Luckily, neither is put off by Louisa's schemes and threats and I'm excited to see how things work out after her final devious attempt to waylay their plans.
Lady Ambition's Dilemma is an enjoyable third instalment to a series that continues to entertain and intrigue.

Lady Ambition's Dilemma publishes tomorrow Amazon

Sunday 10 March 2024

Death Takes a Bath (A Cotswold Crimes Mystery Book 1) by Sharon Lynn



When Maddie McGuire lands an archaeology internship at the Roman Baths in England, she assumes everything will go her way. But when this college sophomore discovers a severed human ear on her doorstep, she must solve its meaning before she becomes the next victim, or worse, gets deported. Her tentative friendship with young constable Edward Bailey and the beauty of the Bath Abbey are no comfort as her aristocratic coworker Simon Pacock sabotages her every move. And the danger only increases when she discovers a dead body, both ears intact.

A contemporary murder mystery set in Bath. 
Maddie is a nineteen-year-old archaeology student from America on a coveted internship at the Roman Baths in Bath.
Things take a suddenly sinister turn almost as soon as she arrives in England with a severed ear being sent to her new address followed by a murder and numerous 'accidents.'
Constable Edward Bailey is a friendly pal to help her through the ordeal but he blows hot and cold and I couldn't quite get a handle on their romance. 
Maddie's co-worker, Simon made life very difficult for Maddie but becomes more likeable by the end and I hope he and Maddie remain friends.
There was a lot of suspenseful drama in this book and the final section was very exciting. 
I'm looking forward to reading book two soon.

Friday 8 March 2024

Come Rain or Shine (Juniper Meadows Book 3) by Sarah Bennett BLOG TOUR


Come Rain or Shine

There are worse fates than growing up knowing that you will one day inherit a vast and magnificent Cotswolds country estate, but for Rhys Travers it has always felt like a huge responsibility.

Juniper Meadows is home to much of his extended family, not to mention the many local businesses that operate on the estate, so there’s no time to sit back and enjoy the view. Juniper Meadows is a full-time job, and that doesn’t leave much time for romance…

Tasha Blake’s career leaves no time for romance either – much to her mother’s chagrin. Tasha’s sister Danni has kindly provided two grandchildren, but Victoria Blake is keen for more! When her job takes her to Juniper Meadows for an extended project, the slower pace of life, the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of the Travers family, soon has Tasha in its thrall, and the future Lord of the Manor Rhys Travers is rather easy on the eye too.

As the busyness of life on the estate sweeps Tasha and Rhys along, they are both able to ignore the secrets and silences that are growing between them. But when the future of Juniper Meadows hangs in the balance, loyalties and love are tested to breaking point. When the chips are down, can Rhys and Tasha see a future together, come rain or shine…

Sarah Bennett is back with her signature blend of warmth and joy, plot and pace. A Sarah Bennett book is a ray of sunshine and a huge hug, guaranteed to brighten any day, perfect for all fans of Cathy Bramley, Katie Fforde and Phillipa Ashley.

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I am new to the Juniper Meadows series and I thoroughly enjoyed Come Rain or Shine. I enjoyed it as a standalone but I'm looking forward to picking up the previous two books sometime soon. 

Rhys is completely lovable and kind so it was no surprise when sparks flew between him and Tasha. For someone who had no time for romance, he didn't lose a minute in getting attached to Tasha. He recognised her talent and enthusiasm from the very first meeting and he spent the rest of his time hovering around her and fussing. He was quite adorable but I worried for Tasha when the truth about her employment would eventually be revealed. I don't like third-act breakups or unnecessary drama because the main characters can't talk to each other. 
Thankfully, Rhys is no dullard and when the truth finally emerged he didn't disappoint.

I didn't like Tasha's duplicity in the beginning but I saw how she only had good intentions for improving the estate and I couldn't wait to see her quit her real job and commit to Juniper Meadows for real. I also loved her family and how terribly her mother treated her even with the best intentions as it was so hilariously over the top. She definitely added a lot of comedy to the story.

This was a lovely uplifting read by Sarah Bennett and I'm looking forward to my next visit to Juniper Meadows.

Author Bio 

Sarah Bennett writes feelgood romantic fiction set in beautiful locations you will fall in love with. Her bestselling series include Butterfly Cove and Mermaids Point. Her latest series is based in the heart of the Cotswolds on a country estate known to the locals as Juniper Meadows.

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