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The Dollmaker by Morgan Shamy

From the publisher

"Shamy is a gifted storyteller and an absolute master at building tension on the page. I cannot remember devouring a story more eagerly than I did The Dollmaker. Good versus evil, deception, just enough romance to make you wish there was more. You will devour this book."

--Barbara Conrey, USA Today Bestselling author of Nowhere Near Goodbye and International Bestselling author of My Secret to Keep

"Morgan Shamy's historical mystery, THE DOLLMAKER, is a tour de force that has it all: romance, thrills, and a plucky, eminently likable main character whose sleuthing abilities are always en pointe."

--Annelise Ryan, USA Today bestselling author

No one is safe. Not when The Dollmaker lurks in the shadows.

Dawn Hildegard's dream is to become a doctor, but for a woman in the 1920s, this is no easy task. When her best friend Rose is kidnapped by "The Dollmaker," a crazed serial killer who creates "art" from his victim's bodies, she drops everything to find her. With the help of a handsome new acquaintance and his mysterious brother, Dawn investigates the fascinating case: Women found dead at the scene—their limbs skillfully removed, only to later be found stitched back together, suspended in doll-like positions throughout town in a grotesque display.

While following the trail of clues, Dawn can't help her growing affection for the brothers, or her sense of unease. The Hemsworth brothers share dark secrets, and both have ties to one of the victims. With time running out, Dawn must use her wits and medical knowledge to find Rose before it's too late. And before she becomes The Dollmaker's next victim.


The Dollmaker is a thrilling historical murder mystery set in the early twentieth century. 

Dawn is a young woman who dreams of setting up her own medical practice but has to make do with assisting Dr. Miller for the time being. Her parents are unloving and are forcing her into a marriage with a rich old man. There is a lot of drama in Dawn's personal life.

 Against this background are the gruesome acts of the Dollmaker who has been on a killing spree through various cities and has set his sights on the ballerinas in the town where Dawn lives. When her friend is kidnapped Dawn becomes embroiled in solving the Dollmaker case along with her new friend Gideon and his brother who have ties to a previous victim.

Dawn is a wonderful character. She is brave and clever. She doesn't want to get involved with the Dollmaker in the beginning but with Rose's disappearance, her loyalty and caring nature won't allow her to abandon her friend to her fate.

There were very few possible suspects and Gideon and his brother were such intense individuals with their own secrets that I frequently wavered between wondering which brother Dawn would end up with and whether either of them was the murderer. I was completely shocked when the big reveal finally happened during a nail-biting and suspenseful showdown between Dawn and the Dollmaker.

I started this book at breakfast time on a Sunday and ended up doing nothing else for the entire day. Nothing would do but finish in one go as this book had me hooked!

A fantastic read, thrilling, suspenseful, and dark with a bit of romance. It ticks all the boxes.

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