Thursday 28 March 2024

The Missing Maid (The baker Street Mysteries Book 1) by Holly Hepburn

London, 1932.

When Harriet White rebuffs the advances of her boss at the Baker Street building society where she works, she finds herself demoted to a new position… a very unusual position. Deep in the postal department beneath the bank, she is tasked with working her way through a mountain of correspondence addressed to Baker Street’s most famous resident: Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Seemingly undeterred by the fact that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t exist, letter after letter arrives, beseeching him to help solve mysteries, and Harry diligently replies to each writer with the same response: Mr Holmes has retired from detective work and now lives in Sussex, keeping bees.

Until one entreaty catches her eye. It’s from a village around five miles from Harry’s family estate, about a young woman who went to London to work as a domestic, then disappeared soon afterwards in strange circumstances. Intrigued, Harry decides, just this once, to take matters into her own hands.

And so, the case of the missing maid is opened…

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I loved everything about this historical cozy. The link to Sherlock Holmes intrigued me as I didn't know that this was based on the fact that someone was actually employed at the Building Society to answer letters sent to Sherlock Holmes. I love history so this little tidbit fascinated me and it sets up Harry nicely for many more investigations.
Harry is a wonderful character. She's clever, independent and kind. She has a secret tendre for Oliver, the family friend and I'm sure he feels the same way. However, it doesn't stop the flirty banter between her and the occasional eligible bachelor that her match-making mother sends her way.
The mystery of the missing maid kept me entertained throughout. The pacey drama and easy-to-read style meant that I devoured this book in one day
I loved this mystery and I'll be excited to read the next book when it is published.

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