Wednesday 13 March 2024

Lady Ambition's Dilemma: Book Three of the Scott-De Quincy Mysteries (Lady Helena Investigates) by Jane Steen

A dynasty is at stake.

It seemed like a straightforward request–and Helena is used to her sister Blanche making demands on her time and fortune.

But the most ambitious of her sisters reveals a dilemma that may wipe out the title she holds. When tragedy strikes, Helena must reprise her role as the Investigating Lady to save a nephew she doesn’t even like.

And what about her own future? The return of a hero from the past awakens old emotions and suggests new possibilities, while the revelation of the full extent of Armand Fortier’s family secret poses a challenge Fortier himself thinks insurmountable. Where will Cupid’s arrows land?

Join Helena as she contends with a potential scandal that’s even bigger than the last one, gains new allies and an enemy with a most convincing argument, and learns a secret that may change the course of history.

Another compelling mystery for Lady Helena to investigate. This time it is her nephew who is in dire straits having been arrested for the murder of his former lover, Lord Arthur. Avoiding another scandal is also high on everyone's priority list.
I had my suspicions as to who the murderer was and I enjoyed going along for the adventure with Helena and finding out whether I was right.
Dr Fortier returns to the area and brings his cousin, Louisa, complicating matters for his and Helena's romance. The path to matrimony is going to be a bumpy road. Luckily, neither is put off by Louisa's schemes and threats and I'm excited to see how things work out after her final devious attempt to waylay their plans.
Lady Ambition's Dilemma is an enjoyable third instalment to a series that continues to entertain and intrigue.

Lady Ambition's Dilemma publishes tomorrow Amazon

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