Tuesday 19 March 2024

Fatal by Design A Bow Street Duchess Mystery: Book 5 by Cara Devlin

After the shocking events of the spring, Audrey Sinclair and Hugh Marsden are adjusting to their new lives when an apparent highway robbery ends in the violent abduction of Audrey’s sister.

As callous as Millie has been in the past, Audrey can’t turn her back on family. She’ll do whatever it takes to find her sister, even if it means working with the man she’s been avoiding for months: former Bow Street officer Hugh Marsden.

Unsettled with his new role in society, and being deemed one of London's most eligible bachelors, Hugh is happy to fall back on his Bow Street skills to track down Lady Redding—and to see Audrey again. But the viscountess’s disappearance is only half of the puzzle. A long-lost ring worth a fortune could be the driving force behind the deadly events, and as Audrey and Hugh unravel the truth—along with the secrets and complications surrounding their future—a killer closes in on the house party… and selects a new victim.

A massively entertaining historical mystery. 
A house party is always a good setting for murder as the killer is normally close at hand hiding in plain sight making the suspense palpable.
The urgency of the need to find Millie becomes more intense after the body of her maid is pulled from the river. Fortunately, Hugh is there to lead the investigation aided by a few insights from Audrey's abilities.

The developments in Audrey and Hugh's relationship are as tangled and twisty as the case of the kidnapping of Audrey's sister Millie and the murder of her maid and driver. Both storylines had me completely hooked, but the state of affairs for Hugh and Audrey as a couple really has me on tenterhooks. Is she really free of her husband or will he return in a future book to throw more trouble her way?
 I enjoy the subplots and potential romance woven through the main story involving some side characters. It adds more depth and leads into the rest of the series.
A great read that I devoured in one day.

If you are new to the Bow Street Duchess Mysteries, you should start at book one because of a developing and continuing story arc.

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