Friday 16 December 2022

Death at the Auction (The Stamford Mysteries Book 1) by E.C. Bateman (2022)


A brilliant whodunnit mystery perfect for fans of M.C. Beaton and Richard Osman!
Murder stalks the cobbles in England’s finest Georgian town…

When an accident forces Felicia Grant back to her family’s auction house in Stamford, she vows it’ll only be a flying visit. But as the gavel falls on the final lot, a hidden secret is revealed—the body of her father’s business rival, murdered during the packed sale!

Soon, Felicia is swept into a mystery that has everyone in the community as a potential suspect―including her.

As the body count rises and with the people she loves under threat, Felicia takes matters into her own hands. But even the most picturesque place has its secrets…


A very enthusiastic five stars and two thumbs up for this brand-new series.
 I definitely enjoyed this more than Richard Osman's Thursday Murder Club.
         The murder itself is very surprising and unique in the manner in which it  
         happens. There is any number of plausible suspects. They are an eclectic mix of the very likeable and very odd sort of people that you would typically find in any little village or town but probably more so at an antique auction. I loved that the mystery was set around the antique world. It is very reminiscent of the antique shows that are always on tv. I found it very easy to picture the scene.
         I loved the main characters and the supporting cast. I particularly enjoyed Felicia's little boy Algernon and detective Sergeant Pettifer. I liked how she and the detective developed a little friendship despite being at odds with each other over the case. 
         As well as a very engaging mystery the story is laced throughout with humour. I found it very difficult to put down this book and was sad when it came to an end. I hope the next book in the series isn't too far away.
                                     Death at the Auction is out now.

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