Thursday 16 November 2023

New Beginnings by the Sunflower Cliffs by Georgina Troy

New Beginnings by the Sunflower Cliffs

The first in a romantic, escapist series from Georgina Troy for 2023


Set sail for the breathtaking island of Jersey in this gorgeous, romantic series. Perfect for fans of Jessica Redland and Phillipa Ashley.

People say that it’s hard not to fall in love living on the sunny island of Jersey, but for Bea Philips, still reeling from a divorce and the loss of her beloved godmother, she's not sure she can find the time. While her soon-to-be-ex-husband is trying to take away the home she grew up in, surly but attractive builder Luke is doing it up. Her old flame Tom has just turned up as her new manager at the office, and she has no idea what the mysterious Jersey Kiss is that her godmother has bequeathed to her...

Is life going to give Bea a break, so she can keep her dream home, and maybe fall in love?

Previously published as A Jersey Kiss.



New Beginnings by the Sunflower Cliffs was a heartwarming romantic comedy and a quick, easy read. I had this read within the space of a day.

There was nice chemistry between Luke and Bea, and I enjoyed all of their banter. I would have liked a more measured build-up to their relationship as their romance developed at a breakneck speed, especially as Bea was wary and trying to keep a distance from him for most of the book. Luke also had a live-in ex-girlfriend to complicate matters, and I couldn't wait to see him send her packing.

Other dampeners in Bea's life were her ex-husband hounding her for his share of the inheritance, and Tom, another ex-boyfriend, who wasn't all he seemed to be.

Bea had a close group of friends who had their own relationships and dilemmas, and I loved how the group supported each other. Even Bea's half-sister, who was somewhat spoiled and self-centred, was supportive and encouraging of Bea in her own way.

I anticipated that Bea and Luke's HEA was inevitable, and I enjoyed the journey with them and finding out how all their problems were going to be resolved. 

Settle in for a lovely, cosy read this weekend with New Beginning by the Sunflower Cliffs.

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Author Bio

Georgina Troy writes bestselling uplifting romantic escapes and sets her novels on the island of Jersey, where she was born and has lived for most of her life. She has done a twelve-book deal withBoldwood, including backlist titles, and the first book in her Sunshine Island series was published in May 2022.

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