Saturday 18 November 2023

Murder on the Coast: A 1920s Cozy Mystery (Lady Felicity Quick Mystery Book 5)

Devon’s coastline has crystal blue waters, stunning views from the cliffs, and … is that a corpse on the beach?

England, 1922. Determined to focus on her role as a journalist, Lady Felicity Quick travels to Ottermouth, a picturesque fishing village and haven for artists, to report on the opening of a new art exhibition.

But when a lifeless body washes onto the foreshore, the coastal community’s peace is shattered. Accusations fly as fishermen, painters and even the authorities turn on one another. And when an important friend is implicated, Felicity strays from her duties for the newspaper…

Trusting her sleuthing instincts and reunited with a faithful ally, Felicity attempts to unpick the deadly case and deliver justice for the residents of Ottermouth. Will she solve the perilous puzzle in time, or will Felicity’s daring efforts result in her own watery end?

Join Felicity on her quest for truth in this captivating 1920s British seaside mystery, filled with suspense, humour and unforgettable characters!

Murder on the Coast is perfect for readers who love the daring female sleuths of Helena Dixon and Lynn Morrison, the period British backdrops of Jacqueline Winspear and Catherine Coles, and the puzzling historical whodunnits of Blythe Baker and Martha Bond. Start reading today!


Murder and drug smuggling in a sleepy fishing village make a complicated and intriguing mystery for Lady Felicity to untangle and solve. Alex turns up to give a hand but it is Felicity who does all the groundwork. There is so much for Felicity to work her way through including family secrets, lies, false confessions, drug smuggling and art forgery. There are quite a lot of side characters and any one of them could be involved in the shady goings on. The problem is the people of the village are unforthcoming with information.

Alex and Felicity have a nice friendship and I like how they back each other up. Their romance takes a slow-burn back seat to the investigation. However, the cliffhanger ending makes me want to read the next book right away to find out how they progress.

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