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BLOG TOUR~ Army Girls: Reporting for Duty by Fenella J. Miller (2023)


                                                Army Girls: Reporting for Duty

When duty calls, East End girl Minnie Wolton isn’t afraid to do her bit. She’s excited to be joining the ATS girls and although she knows life at the barracks will be tough, she’s not one to quit! She just hopes the other girls are all good sorts…

With her husband away fighting, Eileen Ruffel is glad of the break from her unhappy marriage. She just wants to make a success of the ATS girls and maybe find happiness too.

Along with the other girls, Minnie and Eileen strike up a firm friendship. The training is hard, but they are determined to prove they are the best new recruits.

But when a young girl is attacked on base, the girls have to pull together like never before to find the culprits….before they strike again.

                                           Review 🌟🌟🌟🌟

For a story set during World War II, it is a gentle and charming read. The realities of war are happening off-page and far away and heavier themes are dealt with in a sympathetic way. The writing style leaves the reader with an impression of a time gone by, of a more innocent and slower pace of life even though war is happening in the background.

The novel centres around four women who join the ATS (Auxilary Territorial Service) with Eileen and Minnie featuring heavily in this first book. The women are all very different and from different backgrounds but they gel well together and thrive as a team. I found myself reading this book in one day as I was so engrossed in the lives of these women. I admired them for joining the ATS and having ambitions to earn promotions. The little bit of romance between Ben and Eileen was a lovely part of the story.

I'm looking forward to following all of these endearing characters in the rest of the series.

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                                           Author Bio  

Fenella J. Miller is the bestselling writer of over eighteen historical sagas. She also has a passion for Regency romantic adventures and has published over fifty to great acclaim. Her father was a Yorkshireman and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She lives in a small village in Essex with her British Shorthair cat.

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