Tuesday 28 November 2023

The Pantomime Murders: Miss Clara Vale, Book 2 by Fiona Veitch Smith (2023)


Someone is killing fairy godmothers in Cinderella... Can Miss Clara Vale crack the case before the clock strikes twelve?

1929, December: Snow is falling, and Miss Clara Vale is wrapped up against the cold as she braves the icy streets of Newcastle in her latest investigation.

When a young actress from the touring pantomime of 
Cinderella arrives at her door, Clara isn't sure what to make of her request. Sybil Langford, the legendary fairy godmother in their production, has mysteriously vanished. Could Clara help track her down?

But a few days into Clara's search, Sybil's body is pulled from an icy river, and Clara finds herself in the middle of yet another murder mystery.

With scheming stepsisters waiting in the wings, handsome princes who aren't all they seem, and clues as elusive as glass slippers, Clara will need every one of her scientific skills to catch the killer...

And when Sybil's replacement meets her own tragic end, Clara is in a race against time before the murderer sends a third cast member to their unhappily ever after...

The perfect Golden Age mystery to curl up with by the fire. Fans of Agatha Christie, Helena Dixon and Verity Bright will be gripped by this historical crime novel from the very first page


The Pantomime Murders is book two in a very entertaining and well-researched cozy mystery series. Set in 1929, Clara is an independent woman with an education in science who has also inherited her late uncle's enquiry agency. This makes Clara unique in a few ways compared to similar lady detectives in the genre. 

The story takes place during pantomime season giving a festive feel to the book. Fairy godmothers from Cinderella are being killed. This aspect really intrigued me. What kind of character would kill a fairy godmother and what would their motivations be?

Clara does a great job investigating and she is able to use her scientific knowledge to guide her. Not everyone appreciates a woman being involved in these matters but Clara has a couple of friends who assist and encourage.

This was very easy to get into and read in a few hours. It isn't necessary to read book one to enjoy it but you will miss out on another good book if you don't.

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