Friday 21 October 2022

A Fact for Every Day of the Year by National Geographic Kids (2022)

      A Fact for Every Day of the Year

                        365 facts to make you say WOW!


The perfect gift to entertain kids all year round!

Be amazed and astounded with a new fact every single day of the year.

With 365 fascinating facts on everything from animals and nature to science, space, the world and more.

Did you know that red-eyed tree frogs have three eyelids?
That candy floss was actually invented by a dentist?
Or that on the 4th November 1922, Ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh was discovered?

You’ll find a perfect mix of random trivia and ‘on this day’ facts, plus tons of colourful photos to entertain all year round.

This book certainly had me saying wow! It is choc full of interesting facts presented in a very colourful and engaging way.

This book will interest and entertain any inquiring mind whether you are aged 7 or 99.

I liked that the facts are a mixture of science, history, geography, sports, and nature. I was expecting to be aware of most of the facts in this book already but that wasn't the case at all. There were so many new and fascinating items for me to read day. There's even an interesting fact about cats that I hadn't heard before. 

The facts are explained in child-friendly language that is easy to understand and remember for talking about later. 

Each book is accompanied by a fabulous photograph instead of a cartoon illustration and this will appeal more to the older child.

I got hours of reading from this book. It is perfect for dipping in and out of and finding something new everyday.

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