Saturday 23 April 2022

Solo in the City (In the City Series Book 1) by Zola Joyce (2021)


A stolen diary, a broken heart, and two dozen missing Stormtroopers…in a city bowing to the Gods of Money, true crime is being committed with no justice in sight. Until Magda Lane comes to town. With the constitution in one hand, and a loaded .38 in her pocket, she’s determined to carve out a place in the big city.

Three jobs later, she’s offended the mayor, fallen behind on the rent, and can’t keep her mind off the gorgeous J.D. Kelly. If her anti-establishment father doesn’t bury him first, she just might wrangle a second date from the six-foot-two officer of the law.

A third-generation cop, J.D. Kelly knows better than to be swayed by a pretty face with a love for circumventing the law of the land. But how’s a guy to resist a crack shot in spandex with a big heart and a soft spot for the little guy?

Incredibly funny and entertaining from start to finish. The writing is snappy and the dialogue  quick-witted. The story goes at warp speed! I did find it all a little quick at the beginning and it took me a moment to figure out what was happening but after that, I devoured the book pretty quickly. 

I absolutely loved the pranks Magda played on the ex-boyfriends of her clients. I know a few people who are crazy about Star Wars and Star Trek so I found that first prank really hilarious and I appreciated its ingenuity. Magda has some skills! Unfortunately for her, holding down an everyday job such as waitressing is not in her skillset which leads to her bending the law to make money. 

I liked J.D. Kelly instantly. From his rants about today's youth to the way he handled the men trying to make formal complaints about ex-girlfriends, his sense of humour and intelligence shone through. Of course, it didn't take him long to figure out Magda's schemes.

Their antics together are great fun as he tries to balance out her shenanigans with his straight down the line, obey the law attitude.

Magda's family also sound like they are a riot and a half so I am looking forward to seeing how they upend the peace in book 2.

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