Monday 29 June 2015

His Millionaire Maid by Coleen Kwan (2015)

''His new hire has a secret...

As far as Nina Beaumont is concerned, money ruins everything. Leave it to her wealthy family to screw up her professional life and her personal life. When she crashes and her car sinks, sending her identification and all her belongings spiraling into the watery abyss, Nina sees her chance to escape.

And stumbles into a job with the hottest man she's ever his maid.

Between running an inn, caring for his grandmother, and trying to keep the dirty-dealing Beaumont Corporation from stealing his land, Joe Farina's plate is full. He doesn't have time for romantic entanglements-especially not with the suspiciously bad maid he just hired, no matter how much he needs her...both in and out of his bed.

Screwing with her life is one thing, but Nina's not about to let her family screw with Joe. That is, if she doesn't lose him when he finds out who she really is.''

A very entertaining and enjoyable, quick read.
The flirting between Nina and Joe had me laughing out loud. They make a cute couple. 
I liked Nina's character. She is independent and down to earth who isn't afraid to start over and get stuck into hard work. I liked Joe's entrepreneurial spirit and his loyalty to his family. 
There aren't really any surprises or twists in the story but I enjoyed their journey and would highly recommend it. A perfect little book to relax with.

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