Tuesday 23 June 2015

Gambling on the Outlaw by Margaret Madigan (Entangled Select Historical) 2015

Gambling on the Outlaw (Nevada Bounty #1)

Nevada is no easy place for a woman, especially for Beth Caldwell, a gambler's widow with an independent streak. When she refuses to marry the local cattle baron-who wants to add her land to his empire-Beth ends up with a powerful enemy. But it's not until she finds a handsome outlaw hiding in her barn that her trouble really begins.

Isaac Collins survived the Civil War only to find himself the scapegoat for stagecoach robbery and murder. With nothing left to lose, he gambles everything on revenge...and barely escapes with his life. He stumbles back to Beth's place, and as she nurses him back to health something tender and heated grows between them.

But in Nevada, sometimes everything can ride on one high-stakes game of chance...and Beth's rejected suitor will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

I looked forward to reading this book every spare moment I had!
There is so much going on in this novel beyond the romantic entanglement of Beth and Isaac. There are many other great characters in the book, all with varying scandalous lives and their individual stories will make subsequent titles in the series a must read.

Beth's neighbour and unwanted suitor, Clay Dearborn, made such a good nasty character. He made lots of threats but I would have liked to have seen more action from him. However, I couldn't wait to see him get his comeuppance.
After a complex and exciting high stakes poker game the story resolved quite quickly and conveniently but maybe just a little too nicely for everyone in the end.

All in all, a good read for fans of western historical romance.

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