Sunday 7 June 2015

A Friendly Engagement by Christine Warner (Entangled Select Contemporary) (Friends First)

A Friendly Engagement

Another 'faux fiancée' story, this time a contemporary story set in the financial world. Omar needs a fiancée in order to secure a wealthy new client for the family's financial investment business. Devi, his personal assistant and best friend, is the obvious and best choice to play the role. However, they didn't factor in their growing attraction to each other and things really start heating up between them. As the line between make-believe and reality become blurred Devi and Omar decide to see where their new relationship takes them. Things look good. The client really likes them and is on the brink of investing with them. However, it certainly isn't all plain sailing. A former employee stirs up trouble and when Devi finally discovers who her birth father is, it may mean the end of Devi and Omar's new romance as well their working relationship.

I liked the characters in this story. Devi is out spoken and full of life which balances out Omar's more conservative personality. Things heat up more quickly between the pair because Devi isn't afraid to voice what she is feeling and what she wants.
I would have liked to read more about Omar's family and his brothers in particular but maybe they'll feature in future books if this turns out to be a series.

An enjoyable, quick read.

Available from the 23rd of June 2015

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