Monday 14 March 2022

Under the Midnight Sky by Jackie S. Steele (2022)


What would you do if you carried a secret so deep, you can’t remember it?

After losing her parents and memory following a tragic accident, twenty-four-year-old Anastasia Hartford is trying to rebuild her life in NYC. But when an anonymous note is left for her and news of an inheritance by an unknown relative reaches her, she decides to move to the one place that might just bring back her memories. With no recollection of her life before the accident, how can she know what really happened?

What she finds there are questions that lead to more questions, some so intriguing she can’t help but wonder if the mystery surrounding her new home is more than meets the eye. Just below the surface is waiting an unsettling truth that may set Anastasia free…or shatter her forever.

Handsome Scott Josh McMillan knows what he wants. Having fought the hardest battle in his life, he isn’t about to let anyone in. When he meets Anastasia, he knows that it’s time to break his own rules. As both struggle to come to terms with their past, could love and healing blossom where hope was once lost?


I had Under the Midnight Sky read from cover to cover within a few hours. The story was fast paced and I couldn't put it down. It ends on a cliffhanger so if that bothers you as a reader you may want to wait until all parts have been published. 
Under the Midnight Sky sets the scene brilliantly and we are introduced to a whole lot of people with mysterious pasts and hidden agendas.
Ana's past is a mystery and so are the people she meets at her newly inherited estate in Scotland, including her love interest, Josh. This adds a gothic element to the romance as I'm not too sure how trustworthy Josh is. Something about him didn't ring true and I wondered if his wife had been killed in the same accident that killed Ana's parents. Does he have an axe to grind with Ana? Did she cause the accident?
I'm sure lots will be revealed in the next instalment and possibly raise a few more questions too!

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