Sunday 15 October 2023

A Lady to Treasure by Marianne Ratcliffe (2023)

They can save their families. But will it cost them their hearts?

Louisa Silverton is the daughter of a wealthy American businessman, brought up to believe a healthy profit is the only route to happiness. With the family company over-leveraged and in need of a capital injection, she travels to England to find a rich husband.

The Honourable Miss Sarah Davenport has no time for romance. The family estate of Kenilborough is mired in debt and only she can save it. Unconventional and outspoken, Sarah is dismayed that somebody as intelligent and attractive as Louisa is willing to sacrifice herself for financial gain.

As Louisa pursues her campaign, Sarah realises her objections to the project run deeper than mere principles. At the same time, Louisa finds herself captivated by Sarah's independent spirit. Yet to indulge their unexpected passion would surely mean the ruin of both their families. Bound by duty, will they ever be free to follow their hearts?


"A Lady to Treasure" is a historical drama set in the Regency era. As family fortunes dwindle, it is up to the women to secure rich husbands and save them from bankruptcy. Louisa and Sarah must marry or find alternative means to pay their debts and secure their family estates and assets. Their budding friendship leads to a slow-burn romance as they manage their way through society and suitors while dealing with money lenders and scheming men.

There are plenty of side characters and drama to keep the story flowing and entertaining. Sarah has a lot to handle within her own family, and she doesn't have it easy.

I like how Louisa and Sarah are both so independent and determined. Louisa has a good business head, and I particularly like the scene where she gets the upper hand in helping Sarah negotiate better terms for a business venture on her land.

The women don't always see eye to eye, and both end up trying to solve their problems on their own and far away from each other. Louisa has her father in America to help, and Sarah has a family estate to save. She also has a scheming stepbrother who is despicable enough to manipulate her father and take everything away from her. I love how her loyal staff and tenants rally around her.

When Sarah and Louisa reconnect, the story concludes in a lovely and sweet way.

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