Monday 22 August 2022

The Murder Question (A Beth Haldane Mystery book 3) by Alice Castle

When her best friend goes missing, amateur sleuth Beth Haldane is determined to do some digging of her own… but can she crack the mystery before it becomes a murder?

Beth Haldane is worried. First her dear friend and fellow single mother Jen suddenly gets married to a new man who seems too perfect to be true, then she moves out of leafy Dulwich Village – and now seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Beth knows Jen would 
never leave her little daughter to handle playground predicaments or her sneaky stepmother alone. Heading to Jen’s new home for answers, Beth’s knocks on the periwinkle-blue front door go unanswered. Police are convinced the lovebirds are on an extended honeymoon: but Beth suspects Jen’s new husband is up to no good… why does no-one in Dulwich know where he came from? Are his looks hiding a dark past?

With Jen’s unpleasant ex popping up at every turn, and gruff but handsome policeman DI Harry York insisting Beth should leave things to the professionals, it’s going to take all her sleuthing skills to track Jen down. But searching Jen’s overgrown garden for clues, Beth hears a twig snap… and next thing she knows, 
she’s woken up in a hospital bed.

Someone in normally peaceful Dulwich Village will do anything to stop her reaching the truth.
 Can Beth get to the bottom of this mystery before she’s the next to disappear?

A totally addictive murder mystery that’s perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, The Thursday Murder Club and Elly Griffiths.

Another engaging read in the Beth Haldane mysteries. This time the mystery is a lot slower to develop as Beth spends a lot of time worrying about her friend but not actually doing anything about it. I wanted her to report her friend missing a lot sooner as I knew what a nasty piece of work she was living with. Despite this, the story is still a quick and addictive read with a few twists and turns. 
Beth has decided with a lot of nudging that she should be open to dating and she sets up a profile on a dating app. At the same time, Harry has decided that he needs to up his game a little bit so he doesn't end up dying alone like some of the people he's found after a call-out. There were a few really sweet scenes between the pair which gave me a lot of hope and left me smiling. 

The whole series has been released today and is also available on kindle unlimited.


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