Monday 31 August 2015

The Brigadier's Runaway Bride (The Dukes of War Series #5) by Erica Ridley (2015)


Miss Sarah Fairfax is having a wretched year. Her intended perished at war. His child is in her belly. To secure her future, she resigns herself to a loveless marriage. Just as she’s about to say "I do," her fiancĂ© returns from the grave to crash the wedding... but he’s no longer the charming, carefree man she remembers. 

After being left for dead on the battlefield, Brigadier Edmund Blackpool is scarred inside and out. He fights his way home only to discover his intended before the altar with his best friend. He'll be the one to marry her, no matter what she wants! But when his new bride disappears with his child, he must reopen his wounds to win the most important battle of his life.

Another delightful installment in the Dukes of War series. I was eagerly anticipating Sarah and Edmund's story. It was well worth the wait.

I felt real sympathy for Sarah as a happy ever after for her didn't seem to be in the cards. Being unwed and pregnant, she was facing social ruin as well as the double blow of losing her beloved Edmund and the protection his name would have afforded her had they married before he left for war.
She had to make some difficult decisions and she was lucky Edmund had good friends to look out for her.

Fortunately, Edmund didn't perish as everyone had believed and he turned up in time to very dramatically and romantically stop the wedding and declare that he was going to marry her. 

Getting married was the easy bit though and only the beginning of their story. They missed out on the early days of leisurely courtship to be suddenly thrust into marriage and parenthood practically overnight. They have to find a way to get over their misgivings, guilt and insecurities in order to reconnect and find their way back to how it was between them before the war.
Humorous and heartwarming, each installment of the series is consistent in its quality of writing, research and charm.

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