Saturday 8 August 2015

Dragonfly: A Kitty James Mystery #1 (2014) by Kitty James

Dragonfly (Kitty James Mystery #1)
Kitty James is a modern day recluse and mystery author with a knack for spotting the potential to kill someone in everyday situations. Ruth Winter is a young woman living on her parent’s tobacco farm during the 1930’s with her daughter Evie. One night Ruth’s life changes forever, and she disappears without a trace. When Kitty renovates the old tobacco barn on her new property, two dead bodies are unearthed, and the lives of both women collide! 
The news rockets through the town at light-speed, and results in her introduction to Ian Matthews, a handsome neighbour, who’s family once owned the old farmstead. The bodies, combined with Ian’s romantic advances, and mysterious time-travel dreams, push the limits of her sanity. 
As Kitty gets closer to discovering the identities of her backyard corpses, she will fall victim to a modern day murderer who wants to keep old family secrets quiet. She must push herself beyond her comfort level to solve this mystery, and she risks her life and Ian’s love to discover the truth, even as someone tries to silence her—permanently. 

A compelling read. The story shifts intermittently from Kitty's perspective in the modern day to the 1930's where Ruth's tragic story unfolds. However things are not as simple as they seem and just when you think you have it all figured out the author throws another twist at you.

I love a good mystery and history so this book ticked all the boxes for me. What I loved most about it though was the depth to the characters in the story, especially Kitty. Her insecurities, fears and moods made her a real person to me. I thought Ian was a bit too pushy at the beginning but he grew on me as the story progressed.

The back story of the victims who lay buried in the barn since the 1930s added another layer to the book. I couldn't help but feel sadness every time the story shifted to Ruth as I knew that storyline was going to end up with two dead bodies.

For anyone who likes small town murder mysteries I would recommend 'Dragonfly.'

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