Wednesday 29 May 2024

With Wine Comes Wisdom (With Wine Series Book 1) by J.E. Johnson

                     What if running out of gas changed your life forever? 
Alex Kennedy — just a realtor trying to move on from her tortured past while hoping to find her purpose in life. When she runs out of gas in a neighborhood she thinks is worth saving, suddenly nothing will ever be the same.

Roman King— Tall, dark, handsome and successful. He’s every woman’s fantasy but he only has one woman on his mind—Alex. His pull to her is so strong and overwhelming he can’t help his desperate desire to protect her from everyone and everything—especially herself.

With Wine Comes Wisdom… Can two people overcome the shadows of the past to hold onto the love of their dreams? Or will old nightmares tear them apart…Intrigue, danger, new friendships, a love that could only exist between soulmates and wine, lots of wine.

559 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 14, 2024

From the opening chapter, I knew I would enjoy this book. 
So, I took my time to savour every minute, after all, you don't guzzle a fine wine. 

My first impressions of Alex were of a woman who has it all, a very successful career, a feisty, confident attitude, hard-drinking but with nice friends and the added advantage of a barman in the know and quick to serve up her usual order without any to-do. It soon becomes apparent that Alex also has a kind heart. When she runs out of gas in a run-down neighbourhood, her first instinct is to admire the beauty of the old architecture, befriend one of the residents, and lament that the people there are selling up to a developer. She decides to help however she can even if it only means helping the residents get a fair price for their properties. She wasn't expecting her new crush to be involved in tearing down the neighbourhood.

Alex has a complicated and colourful family background whereas Roman's is quieter and supportive. Roman falls head over heels for Alex at first sight. But, it becomes apparent that Alex has walls up around her and it won't be easy to navigate a romance with her. He has patience in abundance. I love how determined he is that things will work out between them. I love the slow-burn development of their relationship. It is lovely and sweet to read. The sexual tension between the characters is scorching hot and I could feel every ounce of their attraction and frustration. 

Much of the novel is taken up with Alex and Roman spending time together and getting to know each other.  
But there is also intrigue and a sense of danger permeating through the story as Roman's company is mixed up in dodgy real estate deals that will take some manoeuvring to get free from. 
Events escalate unexpectedly and a twist at the end had me reeling. 

With an unresolved storyline, I feel bereft at leaving these characters hanging until the sequel is released. All fingers and toes are crossed it won't be too long.

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