Monday 13 May 2024

Cold Fury (Cold Justice: Most Wanted #4) by Toni Anderson

Seven years ago, Hope Harper was a star defense attorney with a great life and a beautiful family—until she got the wrong defendant released, and he turned around and viciously slaughtered her husband and child. Since then, the only thing Hope cares about is locking bad guys behind bars where they can’t hurt anyone else. When the killer escapes from a maximum security prison during a winter storm, Hope refuses to run and hide.

The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team is called in to protect the handful of public figures the notorious serial killer threatened. Operator Aaron Nash draws the short straw—he’ll be heading up Assistant District Attorney Hope Harper’s close protection detail.

Much to Aaron’s frustration, the cool blonde refuses to go into protective custody. As the hours and days wear on, Aaron and Hope manage a fragile truce. He begins to understand and admire the tenacious prosecutor, and the two of them begin to work together.

As the escaped serial killer’s rampage spins on, Hope knows it’s just a matter of time until he comes for her. Except something’s changed. For the first time since losing her family, she has something to live for. But is history doomed to repeat itself?

All the books can be read as standalone novels. For fans of Laura Griffin, Karen Rose, Sandra Brown, and Nora Roberts.

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Cold Fury is a tense romantic thriller with a serial killer who is the stuff of nightmares. 

In the opening scene the reader is confronted with the emotional turmoil surrounding the murder of Hope Harper's husband and their little girl, Hope's anguish at finding them and her desperate attempts to keep them alive long enough for the emergency services to take over.

Fast forward to seven years later and Hope is working as a prosecutor. She doesn't form personal attachments preferring to keep her own company and everyone else at arm's length. However, her grief and anger at the person for killing her family hasn't waned and when the killer's sights are set on her after his escape she welcomes the chance to settle a score.  Her protection detail has their work cut out for them as Hope isn't popular but she is determined to see justice done. Sparks fly between her and Aaron and their eventual romance is a welcome source of light relief to all the drama.

This is a thrilling read and difficult to put down. The killer starts picking off easy targets with the lead-up to Hope being the ultimate prize and the tension and suspense ratchets up a notch every time as everyone waits for the killer to make his move on Hope. However, he isn't the only one with an agenda and this complicates matters when events take a sinister turn and Hope has to rely on the few fighting survival techniques that Aaron and the team taught her.

Cold Fury is one wild and exciting read. It goes from heart-wrenching to heart-thumping fear in quick succession and only with the final acts does everything settle down and Hope and Aaron can make plans for a well-deserved future together.

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