Tuesday 21 May 2024

A New Dawn at Owl's Lodge by Jessica Redmond (Boldwood Books 2024)

The BRAND NEW uplifting romantic read from MILLION-COPY BESTSELLER Jessica Redland for 2024

Could one chance meeting change your life forever?

Zara is at a crossroads in life. While she adores her job as a producer's assistant working on hit TV shows, travelling around the country means she doesn't truly feel that she has a home. With a fractured relationship with her family and unrequited love weighing heavily on her heart, she is torn about what her next step in life should be...

Snowy is hiding from the world. He's devoted his life to home schooling his young son and caring for sick owls at his home, Owl's Lodge, deep in the Yorkshire Wolds countryside. While he's passionate about both, it's a lonely existence and he's starting to question his decisions. But how do you step back into a world you've pushed away for years...?

When Zara brings an injured owl to Owl's Lodge, its frosty, reclusive owner is far from welcoming. Despite hostilities, there's a connection that neither could ever have prepared themselves for. As they discover a shared passion, a new friendship blossoms, but both Zara and Snowy are used to shutting people out.

Can they both find the courage to open up and the strength to move on from their pasts? And what could this mean for their future happiness?

Escape to the world of Bumblebee Barn and Hedgehog Hollow with MILLION-COPY BESTSELLER Jessica Redland for this brand new feel-good romance of family, friendship and hope.

A New Dawn at Owl's Lodge is a heartwarming story of love, loss, friendship, second chances and redemption. There are plenty of lighthearted and romantic moments to offset the themes of grief, and alcoholism that this story touches upon.

Zara and Snowy meet at just the right time in their lives. Zara is at a crossroads in her life. She is ready to move away from her family and start a new life. At Bumblebee Barn and Hedgehog Hollow she feels calm and can breathe away from the city and her unhappy relationships with her brother and mother. Snowy has been grieving the loss of his wife but is at the stage where it is right for him to accept the past and move on however reluctant he may be to take that step. They support each other and grow closer to the delight of Harrison, Snowy's son, who's also taken a shine to Zara. 

Both characters had an interesting background in gymnastics with Snowy being a former Olympian. This was something different and exciting. I loved how they both reignited their love of gymnastics and had great fun especially as Harrison showed early interest in it and competition.

I disliked Zara's brother but I loathed her mother and how she had treated Zara all her life. I would have been quite happy for her to close the door on them and not look back. After all Snowy has a lovely family and she fits perfectly in it. However Zara is a nice person and with some help from Snowy there is an opportunity for conflict resolution and second chances.

This was a lovely, sweet romance. I liked the slow burn feel to it as it was sensitive to the needs of Snowy who was entering into his first romantic relationship since the death of his wife. I also liked that Zara got to resolve her unrequited feelings for someone else and realised quickly where cupid's arrow was really pointing.

I loved all the owl references especially the guide at the end of the book. It's something I could reference back to if the children need to do project work on owls.

A New Dawn at Owl's Lodge is out now Amazon

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