Tuesday 14 May 2024

The Cornish Curse: The Edge of the World Detective Agency Book 1 by Jo Silva


Donna Nightshade’s first rule of composting: shred. Things rot quicker that way – cabbages, flowers, dead bodies…

When Donna branches out from floristry to private investigation and opens The Edge of the World Detective Agency, the last thing she expects is to have a murder fall into her lap almost immediately. Now, normally she wouldn’t be one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there’s one significant problem with the case – all the evidence points to Donna as the murderer!

Donna may have hated the man, but she’s not the only one who had the means and motive, so she dons her deerstalker. Staying two steps ahead of the police – specifically her ex, Detective Sergeant Joe Enys – won’t be easy, but with pirate blood in her veins nothing can stop ‘deadly’ Donna from claiming her bounty and making the real culprit walk the plank!


The Cornish Curse is a light and funny who dunnit with a rather quirky cast of characters. I was compelled to buy the audio version as I knew that the dramatised narration would do the characters better justice than my inner reading voice.

To enjoy this series you should start with this book as it outlines the history of Donna's family, pertinent family members and what makes them special compared to the ordinary people in their town.

In this first instalment, Donna goes around in circles trying to find the identity of a killer when all the evidence points to her. The local detective tries to give her the benefit of the doubt but time is running out.

Chaos, twists and turns, blackmail and subterfuge abound and it's very humourous and witty in its unfolding. I couldn't put the book down and listened to it at every available opportunity. The narration was excellent and I'll continue with the series in audio.

The first three books in this series are available now. Amazon

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