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The House Sitter by Elizabeth Drummond (2024)


The House Sitter

His house. Her rules. But who’s in charge?

Pippa Munro had everything planned for her perfect wedding. What she did not have planned, was for her boyfriend to break up with her. Or sell her beloved farm. So instead of being blissfully engaged, Pippa finds herself jobless, homeless and loveless. Things couldn’t be going better…

Wolfie Squires needs someone to look after his family’s ancient house. He’s too busy with his hot shot city job to deal with a country manor several hundred miles away.

The perfect solution? Find someone to house sit.
The less-than-perfect candidate? Pippa Munro.

Pippa is more comfortable working on a farm than dusting a chandelier, and definitely not the ideal choice for the job.

As tempers fray, ideas clash, and secrets are spilled, Pippa and Wolfie might realise they have the same ambitions for the house, if only they could stop arguing long enough to find out…

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A lighthearted and fun rom-com. I spent a Saturday and a Sunday morning reading this book and found it to be a funny and charming story.

From the beginning, I despised Alex and his father, so I was delighted when Pippa finally went her separate way. After wallowing in self-pity for a time at her cousin's place she lands on her feet with a house-sitting job at a lovely big mansion. 

My favourite parts of the book are the scenes where potential buyers view the mansion and Pippa finds ways of sabotaging the potential sale. Todd, the next-door neighbour is a hoot, especially when he and his pig get involved in Pippa's scheme. 

Wolfie is a sullen character but it is clear he has taken a shine to Pippa but he's not very good at flirting. Fortunately, his actions speak louder than words and there are a few very sweet and swoon-worthy scenes. I would have liked him to have a bit more self-confidence and not go off in a huff every time he sees Pippa interacting with Alex. Thankfully, Pippa doesn't give up on him.

I laughed out loud at Pippa and Wolfie's madcap last-minute dash to prevent a courier from delivering the paperwork for the sale of the mansion. It was such a lovely and humorous moment near the end of the book.

This was a lovely book and made the perfect weekend reading at the end of a busy and stressful week.

Author Bio  

Elizabeth Drummond grew up and studied in Yorkshire, attaining a degree in English Literature from Sheffield University before moving to New York for a year post-graduation. It was in New York she learned she was nothing like Carrie Bradshaw so upon her return to England she moved to London where she forged a successful career as a film distribution executive. Although her experiences on film sets and corporate boardrooms could fill multiple books with scandal alone, Elizabeth’s books are mostly filled with light-hearted humour and romance. Elizabeth lives in Essex with her husband and two daughters.

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