Monday 12 February 2024

Death on the High Seas (The Shires Mysteries Book 4) by Anna Legat

                                                                   Death on the High Seas

Maggie and Sam take a break from the murder and mayhem of Bishops Well and embark on a relaxing mid-winter cruise across the northern seas. The brochure promises smooth sailing, good food and dazzling entertainment. Sam is hoping to sprinkle the mix with romance.

But nothing goes to plan.

Maggie runs into an old lover, the mesmerising Benedict Rawbotham, who goes out of his way to sweep her off her feet. Sam is left seething with jealousy.

A mayday signal sent by a fishing boat forces the cruise liner off course. But there is something fishy about the rescued crew and Maggie insists that two young women have died on that boat. Alas, no one believes her.

Soon one of the alleged fishermen is also dead and so is one of the cruise passengers. Cordelia Conti Lang, nicknamed the Bitcoin Queen, with links to London’s criminal underworld, is found in her cabin, stabbed to death.

In pursuit of the killer, Maggie hurtles from one disaster to another and Sam begins to fear for her life. Has he taken her on a cruise to hell?

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This is a new series to me even though it's book four. It's easily read as a standalone but Maggie and Sam are so endearing I want to read the previous three books when I get a chance.

Maggie is a very exuberant person who likes to have a little drink and eat sweets. She also has the ability to see ghosts which I wasn't expecting as it isn't mentioned on the blurb. I love paranormal cosy cosy mysteries so this was a nice surprise.
There is a couple of murder mysteries for Maggie to solve and with plenty of suspects she has lots of sleuthing to do whilst Sam has his hands full trying to keep her out of trouble. He is trustworthy and reliable and is always there just when she needs him the most. There is quite a lot of drama on board the ship, especially when one of the rescued fishermen, a suspected murderer, is on the loose. However, the drama doesn't end there as Maggie's life is still in danger when the cruise is over.
This is a quick read with twists and turns to keep me guessing and a sprinkling of romance to further entertain.

Author Bio – Although she writes in a wide range of genres, Anna Legat is best known for her DI Gillian Marsh detective series and The Shires, her cosy murder mysteries. Anna is also the author of the historical thriller, Buried in the Past. She lives near Bath.

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