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Army Girls: Heartbreak and Hope by Fenella J. Miller (2024)

  June 1941

Grace Sinclair never meant to sign up to the ATS, but when her parents made it clear she had to marry a man she hated, Grace ran away to the safety of the army. But with her cut-glass accent and upper-class ways, Grace finds it hard to fit in with the other girls and begins to think she has made a terrible mistake…

Things get worse for Grace when she meets dashing Squadron Leader Chris Holloway who shares sad and shocking news about Grace’s brother. Heartbroken, Grace confides in fellow ATS girl Ruth who offers her a shoulder to cry on.

With the war raging on, Grace knows she can’t wallow and must do her duty. And with Ruth’s new friendship and Squadron Leader Holloway’s support too, maybe there is hope on the horizon for Grace after all.

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Heartbreak and Hope is the second book in the Army Girls series.

It is a sweet and quick read despite being 300 pages in length.

It's easily enjoyed as a standalone but reading book one will give an insight into Grace as she features in the first book too.

Heartbreak and Hope begins quite emotionally as Grace is confronted in the early chapters with the unwelcome news of the death of her brother; the only person she feels a bond with.

This coincides with her brother's friend, Chris, being determined to fulfil the promise that he would take care of Grace in her brother's absence.

Keeping an eye on Grace soon turns to love for both parties and it isn't long before wedding bells are ringing. 

There are, however, a few obstacles in their path to a HEA. Grace's maternal family appear to be a good support on the outside. Still, it doesn't take long before Grace realises that her grandfather's benevolence is fuelled by greed and that his intentions towards Grace and her mother are quite nefarious. This leads to a few tense scenes and a lot of drama.

Chris always manages to turn up at the right time and is a sweet antidote to the machinations of Grace's grandfather. There is a lot of drama surrounding her grandfather and it was very uplifting to see Grace navigating her way out of his clutches.

With a welcome little twist at the end of the story Heartbreak and Hope is a wonderfully entertaining read without dwelling for long on the harsh realities of deployment during times of war.

Author Bio –

Fenella J. Miller is the bestselling writer of over eighteen historical sagas. She also has a passion for Regency romantic adventures and has published over fifty to great acclaim. Her father was a Yorkshireman and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She lives in a small village in Essex with her British Shorthair cat.

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