Sunday 4 February 2024

The C*ck Down the Block (The Cocky Kingmans, Book 1) by Amy Award Narrated by: Stella Hunter, Christian Fox



Look, I've had it bad for the girl with all the curves next door forever. She turned me down in high school and since I'm not a total douchecanoe, I lusted after her all by myself in my shower, and we stayed just friends for years.

Now she's the adorkable librarian next door, and I'm the star quarterback of the best pro football team in the league.

So when she asks me to be her fake date to her all-girls school reunion, I am totally down to show her off to the mean girls who bullied her back then so they can see just how incredible she is.

I'll be the best boyfriend they've ever seen. The best fake boyfriend that is.

Until I find out from her slightly-stalkery classmates that she still has her v-card. I don't see how that is even possible. Not with how sexy and sweet she is. Could it be because she knows she belongs with me?

This curvy-girl and football-quarterback sports romance has a baddie plus-size woman who knows her own worth and a Bridgertons-meets-American-Football family you'll wish you were a part of.

Park your negativity and lofty expectations at the door because this is the romantic piece of fluff you need to brighten up a miserable day.

Trixie and Chris are childhood friends who are perfect for one another. Chris knows it, he just needs a way of finding a way out of the friend zone without destroying their relationship. Trixie's timely request for him to be her fake date is the opening he needs.

There is a great cheerleading squad of characters in this book but I didn't expect that my favourite side character would be Luke Skycocker, Trixie's chicken. The scenes with him were hilarious.

Chris's large family of brothers are equally sweet and funny and they do remind me of the Bridgertons. There are a couple of poignant scenes when they remember their deceased mother which adds an extra layer of emotion and depth to the storyline.
I love how they rally together to help Chris and Trixie along the way no matter the situation.

Trixie's mother is unconventional but smart and she provides a comforting boost of support when Trixie needs it most.

This story is hilarious and a lot of fun. With one open-door spicy scene, the story focuses more on Chris's attempts to woo Trixie. The dual point of view gives us an insight into his thoughts and how much he adores Trixie.
The dual narration of the audiobook brought the characters to life and somehow made them more believable. The narrators are so good I'm going straight to audio for the rest of the series.

The C*ck Down the Block releases on Tuesday the 6th of February 2024.


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