Sunday 29 January 2017

My Bad Grandad (Mercy Watts Mysteries Book 7) by A.W. Hartoin (2017)

Publisher's Information

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Sturgis. 

That’s what they say at the famous motorcycle rally. Is Mercy Watts a bad girl? Mercy doesn’t think so, but she’s going to Sturgis and things are about to go bad in a big way. 

When Mercy’s grandad, Ace Watts, heads to a reunion with his oldest friends, Mercy jumps at the chance to get away from her problems, but new problems await her at the rally. When a Vietnam vet dies, Mercy is expected to investigate. Despite her best efforts, she’s drawn into her grandad’s war with a string of deaths and a secret that the vets are intent on keeping no matter what. 
Mercy’s about to find out that a lie spoken fifty years ago can be used by a present day evil, and it’s not only stalking Sturgis, but the Watts clan itself.

My review 

I love this series and I couldn't wait to read My Bad Grandad but I was very disappointed in this latest adventure.
Chuck was missing from this book and his absence had a huge impact on my enjoyment of the story. I missed his alpha male attempts to help and protect Mercy during her investigations. There was no light flirtation, sexual frustration, cute little jealousies or silly arguments to lighten the mood. Instead, we get a pug, who gets treated quite badly in the name of comedy. I didn't particularly like the new cast of characters. There wasn't that same chemistry that the established characters have together. I liked Mercy's grandfather but I had no liking for Raptor at all and I couldn't see why she and Mercy had to be friends when they couldn't stand each other, just because they dormed together in college and their grandfathers were friends. She was a nasty character and I didn't warm to her at all.
I also missed Aaron in this book. He is practically invisible in this story; being relegated to the position of just someone who turns up with hot chocolate at odd moments.
I enjoyed the fact that Mercy is still making a splash in the rock work of DBD and I hope that continues as it provides plenty of scope for comedy and something for Chuck to get all hot and bothered about.
Despite my lukewarm reaction to My Bad Grandad, the Mercy Watts series has been fantastic entertainment up to this point and so I will look forward to the next release with as much enthusiasm as ever.

Thanks to the author for providing a review copy.

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