Tuesday 3 January 2017

Fine Dining: A Trudie Fine Mystery, Book 2 by Gale Deitch (2014) Narrated by Kirstin James (2015)

Publisher's Summary

Trudie Fine's romantic dinner with Detective Daniel Goldman is cut short by a gruesome murder. When her good friend, May Dubois, is discovered sitting by the body of her dead brother, holding a bloody knife, the case seems as cut and dried as sliced okra. From the start, however, Trudie believes in her friend and sets out to prove May's innocence. But if May isn't the killer, who is? Taking over as temporary manager at May's New Orleans-themed restaurant to do some sleuthing plunges Trudie into a jambalaya of dangerous waters.

Audio length: 6 hrs and 17 mins 


A brilliant series

What I love most about this series is that the author doesn't limit the action and suspense to a big finale at the end of the book. Trudie gets into all kinds of dangerous situations throughout the story which makes it very exciting to read and listen.
I also love the way Trudie expresses herself through food metaphors. She is a really sweet, funny, and true to life kind of character.
I love the romantic entanglements she gets herself mixed up in and how a little bit of competition keeps Daniel and Trudie on their toes!

I like the expressions and tone of voice Kristin James uses for the different characters. I can imagine the characters better because they sound so real. There were also a couple of emotional and tear jerking moments in the story which were performed very effectively.

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