Thursday 24 July 2014

When Day Breaks Maya Banks

The Kelly Group International (KGI) are top secret, serious kickass dudes who specialise in hostage/victim recovery.

I loved the earlier titles in the KGI series.
This latest instalment was a disappointment. Most of the book was taken up with Swanny's insecurities about why a beautiful model like Eden would be interested in him. Eden has as many insecurity issues as Swanny.
There wasn't any sense of real urgency in this novel. The characters had plenty of time to go shopping and go out for dinner in Paris. Even some of the KGI characters complained of being bored with their assignment! Eden is supposed to have target on her head as revenge for something her father did but there is very little action in relation to this threat.
                                                                 Too much puppy love and not enough edge.

Read book one 'The Darkest Hour' for a better introduction to the Kelly clan.

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