Friday 1 December 2023

Arsenic at Ascot (A Fiona Figg & Kitty Lane Mystery Book 4) by Kelly Oliver ~Blog Tour


Saddle up for this first class historical mystery, perfect for fans of Helena Dixon and Verity Bright.

London, 1918

Fiona Figg finds herself back in Old Blighty saddled with shuffling papers for the war office. Then a mysterious card arrives, inviting her to a fancy house party at Mentmore Castle. This year’s Ascot-themed do will play host to a stable of animal defense advocates, and Fiona is tasked with infiltrating the activists and uncovering possible anti-war activity.

Disguised as the Lady Tabitha Kenworthy, Fiona is more than ready for the “mane” event, but the odds are against her when both her arch nemesis, dark-horse Fredrick Fredricks, and would-be fiancΓ© Lieutenant Archie Somersby arrive unexpectedly and “stirrup” her plans. And when a horse doctor thuds to the floor in the next guest room, Fiona finds herself investigating a mysterious poisoning with some very hairy clues.

Can Fiona overcome the hurdles and solve both cases, or will she be pipped to the post and put out to pasture by the killer? 


Fiona Figg's fourth outing is a hilarious treat from start to finish. 

Bored and unappreciated at the war office, Fiona is ecstatic to be given a spying task and the chance to don her disguises again. The fact that she has to get rigged out as a lady at Ascot's is more disconcerting than when she has to adopt a male persona.
Strange goings on involving animal testing and murder complicate matters as does the arrival of Fredrick Fredricks and Archie Somersby. Both are romantically interested in Fiona but are either of them trustworthy? Fredricks appears the more likeable in this instalment due to his outrageous flirting with Fiona and the humour he brings. 
The murder mystery is as equally entertaining as the social shenanigans but the parts with the animals left me feeling sad for them and I sympathised with the people who were trying to help them. I was hoping Fiona would find a way to shut the animal testing down without any of these people getting into trouble with the law.
When the murder is finally revealed Fiona finds herself in even more danger and this made the final chapters quite suspenseful. She also had to make a decision once and for all about her intentions to marry Archie.  Her decision about where she is going next on an adventure (and why) has me excitedly happy to read the next book. Go Fiona! 

I couldn't put this book down and had it read in no time.

Author Bio –

Kelly Oliver is the award-winning, bestselling author of three mysteries series: The Jessica James Mysteries, The Pet Detective Mysteries, and the historical cozies The Fiona Figg Mysteries, set in WW1. She is also the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is bringing new titles in the Fiona Figg series to Boldwood, the first of which, Chaos in Carnegie Hall, will be published in November 2022.

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