Thursday 11 May 2023

Harpyness Is Only Skin Deep (Tales of Arvia #1) by D.H. Willison



On a world where death lurks around every corner, is friendship the strongest survival tool of all?

Darin: bored with his paper pusher existence, he accepts a questionable deal for the LARP adventure of a lifetime. A jump through a dimensional portal strands him on the mythical world of Arvia, where everything is gigantic. Except the life-expectancy of newcomers.

Rinloh: a mere ten meters tall. Life in the harpy flock has never been easy for her. Determined to become full-fledged at the upcoming human-hunt, nothing is going to stand–or fly–in her way.

A chance encounter between these two–what could possibly go wrong?

Humans consider consorting with a harpy a capital offense. Harpies consider the human citizens a tasty part of a balanced diet. Yet the two must overcome a most monstrous conspiracy as the citizens of the city begin disappearing, with a list of suspects as big as the inhabitants of Arvia.

Harpyness is Only Skin Deep blends endearing characters and whimsical fantasy adventure in a uniquely witty, charming style. Contact your neighborhood dimension broker, or download Harpyness, and jump into the world of Arvia today.


When it comes to reading don't be afraid to try something new. You might just find a gem. Fantasy is not my usual genre but I loved Harpyness is Only Skin Deep and I'll be diving into the next book straight away. The novel's three main elements of adventure, humour and friendship combine to make an exciting and charming read. The friendship between Rinloh and Darin is so cute and endearing. They are like children learning to play together.
Aside from their loveable friendship, there is much to sink your teeth into in this book. Both Darin and Rinloh have obstacles to overcome if they are to keep their friendship secret and there is a mystery to solve when citizens begin disappearing from the city. Not only that but, in addition to harpies there are other dangerous mythical beasts roaming the land and sea that make life very perilous for all concerned. Luckily, Darin and Rinloh have a tight bond and they need each other's strengths to get each other out of tight spots.
This was a very entertaining introduction to the world of Arvia and I'm itching to get back to it! 

The Tales of Arvia series is available now Amazon also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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