Friday 14 April 2023

Dark Eyes: White Lies by M.R. Noble BLOG TOUR: The Write Reads BLOG TOUR


Blackmailed into espionage, Karo must lie to one man while she fights her cravings for another. As spy partners, Karo is forced to work with Andre, the vampire she swore to never trust again. The accidental vampiric bond they have threatens to bend her into submission. But is her will actually weak, or does she want an excuse to give in?

Roman’s patience teeters on Karo’s deception. Bitter, desperate, and vengeful, Karo dutifully completes her missions while withholding data from her uncle Loukin’s operation. She swore to get out from under his thumb, even if she has to break a few hands. Each assignment brings her closer to uncovering his goal, and using it against him, but she also draws closer to new foes. And they all want the same thing—Karo’s secrets.

White Lies is the riveting follow-up to Karolina Dalca, the first book in the series. A fantastic read from start to finish. The world-building and characters are more established and subsequently, I found it easier to distinguish between all the different magical creatures and their roles.
Karo and Andre are thrown together once more as they complete spying missions for Loukin. Their bond is as strong as ever and Karo ultimately ends up having to make the choice between him and Roman. But this is only one small element of the story.
The action and suspense are nail-biting all the way through as Andre, Karo and her allies work their way through assignments while Karo simultaneously works her own agenda to free herself from her uncle's control. Karo is the driving force in most of the action scenes and is capable of defending herself and launching attacks without much help from the male characters. I love how self-sufficient she is and determined to do things her own way without interference. She stands up for herself when her relationship with Roman goes awry and admirably does not hesitate when their interests do not align.
Roman surprised me in the book and I'm wondering how he'll fair after this.
The story is a real rollercoaster of drama, suspense and action and just when you think the story is settling down something else happens that sends the characters off to even more dangerous situations making this book impossible to put down.

White Lies ends on a cliffhanger and all I can say is when's the next book out?! I can't wait.

Dark Eyes: White Lies is out now.

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