Tuesday 11 April 2023

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Blindsided by an attack that destroys her home and blamed for murder, Karolina Dalca, a half-vampire, escapes, only to plunge into the magical societies from which she was sheltered.

Betrayed by those around her, she abandons her dreams of becoming an investigator and flees, trusting only herself. Her police internship would never prove more useful. Hoofing it through the wilderness, she makes it to her university dorm, dishevelled but delightfully deflowered.

Enter a full vampire: one wielding dark magic and a ride out of Canada. A fugitive from the law, Karo complies with his demands to escape, unsure whether his requests are bewitched. She vows to clear her name and avenge her mother's death, but Karo's family secrets aren't so easily left behind.

About the Author

M. R. Noble has played a tug of war between science and art her whole life, but the rope broke when she wrote the first line of The Dark Eyes Series. Immersed up to her keyboard in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, she enjoys blending the real with the surreal. The only drawback is she misplaces her mug while dreaming up her next scene, and soon finds herself six cups overpoured.

Keeping to her Lake Simcoe roots, she is a member of the Writers Community of York Region (WCYR), where her muse is made not found.

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               The start of a paranormal fantasy series worth sinking your teeth into.

This is an action-driven story from start to finish. In fact, the story starts so fast that it took me a few minutes to get my bearings on what was happening and who everyone was. 

The author does not shy away from gory scenes and I loved that all the guts and gore really reflected that it was vampires, werewolves and other magical beings doing the maiming and killing.

Karo was an interesting character and I enjoyed watching her character develop under extreme circumstances. As well as being half vampire she is half gypsy and has different powers that she can call on. Fire being one of them but she also has the ability to draw on light when needed. She also has the timely support of Roman and Andre when the fight gets sticky. The love triangle that was simmering in this book will no doubt add even more conflict and tension as the series progresses. It will be fun to watch Karo navigate that dilemma.

A few terms were new to me. I was a little confused about what or who the dyads and the forged were but I didn't have time to ponder because the action took over and they were simply just labelled goodies or baddies in my mind. 

I loved the ending. Karolina has now become unwillingly embroiled in vampire politics and her life back in Canada will be tricky if she is to walk a fine line between protecting her country whilst simultaneously working for her shady uncle. The cloak-and-dagger aspect of her new role has me on tenterhooks to discover what will happen next. 

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