Wednesday 31 May 2023

Murder at the Ball (Lady Felicity Quick#4) by Rosie Hunt (2023)


The party at Grimstow House promises tremendous fun, with cocktails, games, costumes … and a killer on the loose!

England, 1922. Lady Felicity Quick’s success as a sleuth has upended her reporting career, yet she simply must answer a relative’s plea for help. Sinister letters are threatening her cousin’s reputation — but who’s the sender?

Posing as an innocent party guest at a remote country manor, Felicity investigates her cousin’s clique for hints of guilt. Amid raucous games, free-flowing champagne, and some ghastly squabbles amongst supposed friends, Felicity finds a trail of revealing clues.

But when a body is discovered, a dangerous web of intrigue is revealed, and a new deadly game begins… Can Felicity unravel the tangle of motives and alibis to identify the killer and avert another slaying? Or will the party finish with the wrong kind of bang?

If you love puzzling country house murders set in the old-fashioned elegance of 1920s England, then you will love this cozy mystery series!


A 1920s house party murder mystery with plenty of shady characters to muddy the waters and keep me guessing.

Felicity and Alex attend a house party for the purpose of helping Felicity's cousin discover who is sending her threatening letters. However, it isn't long before events escalate to murder. Adding to the trouble, there is no working phone to call for help and with freezing conditions outside it isn't safe to drive. The party guests are forced to stay where they are even though there is a murderer amongst them. 

Felicity has the unenviable task of interviewing the guests and keeping the peace until the police can be summoned the next day. There are plenty of suspects and suspicious circumstances to wade through before Felicity finally untangles the problem. I certainly didn't see where her mind was going until the big reveal. I enjoyed following her lead and discovering the truth along with her. It was very fast-paced and entertaining reading. She certainly found herself in more than one dodgy predicament but with the lucky knack of getting out of scrapes without much to do. Alex took more of a back seat in this investigation but he wasn't far away when needed.

In this instalment, Felicity seems to be considering all her options regarding her career in journalism and it will be interesting to see what comes of her conversation with her brother on the topic. Alex and herself also seem to be on the way to developing an understanding so it will be fun to watch this space. 

The next book in the series Murder on the Coast will be out in November.

Murder at the Ball is out now. Amazon

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