Wednesday 5 January 2022

Murder on the Village Green:A 1920s Cozy Mystery (Lady Felicity Quick Mystery Book 1) by Rosie Hunt (2021)

Lower Diddleton’s village green boasts a duck pond, a cricket pitch … and a dead body!

England, 1921. Murder has stunned the peaceful village where news reporter Lady Felicity Quick grew up. But she’s further confounded when a dashing journalist from London is given the story that should have been hers.

Refusing to give up, Felicity uses her local connections to research her article and unearth Lower Diddleton’s secrets, speaking to everyone from the village baker to the pub landlord to the president of the plant and floral society.

But when a family friend becomes the prime suspect, Felicity has no choice but to team up with her rival to find the true killer. Can Felicity solve the mystery before the wrong person takes the blame and the real murderer gets away with it?

If you love puzzling murders set in the charming English countryside of the 1920s, then you will love this cozy mystery series! For fans of Agatha Christie, Downton Abbey, Verity Bright and Catherine Coles.

An utterly charming cozy mystery with a strong female lead and a twisty tale of murder and blackmail.

Lady Felicity has a refreshingly modern outlook on life and there is nothing more likely to spur a woman on than a man repeatedly telling her she can't do something.  I could feel Felicity's frustration at being put in a box and held back and so I delighted in watching her outsmart and prove the men wrong. 

Alex, the new journalist in town, is likeable and supportive of Felicity. Their chemistry added fun to the story. I also liked Felicity's brother. His attitude to Felicity reporting on the murder comes from the perspective of an overprotective and caring brother rather than from any malice.  I would like to see more of him in the series. 

This was a clever mystery that kept me guessing and entertained. A series I will definitely be following from here on out.

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