Friday 7 January 2022

Safety in Numbers by Sophie Penhaligon (2022)



When a tragic accident leaves mathematician Seraphina Ellis broken and despairing, she is convinced that she will live out the remainder of her life in lonely solitude. Determined to conceal her disability from her co-workers, she hides away in her desolate cubicle, crossing off the days of her life, unfulfilled and defeated.

A chance meeting with irascible but mesmerizing billionaire scientist and CEO Milo Grant provides her with the job of her dreams, and the chance of escape from cubicle land. But Grant is haunted by his own monsters and is increasingly interested in more than just her mathematical magic.

In this touching and sexually charged contemporary romance, Sophie Penhaligon manages to deliver a novel that is lighthearted and fun whilst dealing with the difficult topics of loss and disability.

I adored this story. Milo and Saraphina are flawed but very lovable characters. To the outside world, they are unapproachable, standoffish and in Milo's case, bad-tempered and rude. But in each other, they recognise a kindred spirit and so an unlikely yet completely charming romance develops. I was completely glued to this book for two days. I thought it was cute that the successful CEO, Milo Grant would be so insecure with Seraphina that he got jealous and overprotective. He was very sweet in the ways he took care of her and in return, Seraphina knew just what to do to calm down his cranky temper.
I loved that the author's heroine has a disability. I got a real sense of the difficulties Seraphina faced in her daily life even with the most simple of tasks. I could understand her not wanting people to know about it and treating her differently as a result. It was lovely watching her come out of her shell the more time she spent with Milo
Safety in Numbers is a rather wonderful story that sent me scurrying to search for more books by the author.  

Safety in Numbers is out now!
Available on Kindle Unlimited, paperback, and is currently at the introductory price of 99c/99p to download on Kindle.

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