Sunday 30 January 2022

The Wrong Suitcase by Laura Jane Williams (2022)


As she touches down in Italy, Izzy couldn’t be more excited. She’s needed a reason to let her hair down, and she knows that the wedding of the year in a lavish Tuscan castle will be just the ticket…

On the morning of his best friend’s wedding, everything is going wrong for Sam. And when he finally reaches the hotel and unzips his luggage, his day goes from bad to worse…

Izzy has a case full of men’s shirts and chinos. Sam has a case full of make-up palettes and bikinis. Could a fateful meeting to switch their bags back be the start of something special? Because in losing their luggage, they’re about to find each other…

A warm-hearted novella packed with lust, longing and lost luggage, this the perfect Valentine’s day treat from the internationally bestselling author of smash-hit rom com, Our Stop.

I forgot that this was a short listen (2hrs and 40mins) and when I realised that it was nearly over I was a little bit sad as I wanted longer with the characters. It was a charming and funny story. I really loved Sam and I was rooting for him and Izzy from the beginning. I was almost as frustrated as Sam with Izzy at the beginning because her scattiness was holding up their initial meeting. The miscommunication led to lots of funny scenes and I literally laughed and smiled for the duration of the book. 

This heartwarming romantic story is perfect for enjoying in one sitting.

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