Monday 20 December 2021

Mine at Midnight (Ladies of the Order #3) by Adele Clee (2021)


When Miss Eliza Dutton discovers her first case for the Order involves helping a lord who has a gambling habit, her instinct is to refuse. The fact her father lost his fortune and his life at a gaming hell is the reason she despises Lord Roxburgh. But Eliza is given an ultimatum: help the handsome rogue or find work elsewhere.

Lord Roxburgh has a reason for trying his luck at the tables, and it has nothing to do with winning money. But his life of dissipation is brought to a swift end when a guest is found murdered in his garden.

While working together to solve the crime, will Eliza discover there’s more to Lord Roxburgh than his sinful good looks? Can a lord who’s suffered the worst kind of tragedy abandon old habits and fall in love?

Find out in - Mine at Midnight - Ladies of the Order Book 3 ♥

I was looking forward to reading Roxburgh and Eliza's story. He is a charming rogue and the sparks flew between the pair when they first met in the previous book. The pair join forces to rescue Roxburgh's sister's reputation and to secure Eliza's escape from the clutches of the devious owner of a gambling den. There are many touching and sweet moments between Eliza and Roxburgh as they get to know one another during their midnight rendezvous. There is a good mix of mystery and romance and I appreciated that the ending was not unnecessarily dragged out. The epilogue left us with a hint of the next adventure in the series and with a heart-warming feeling that all will be well forevermore with Eliza and Adam. A lovely read.

This third book of the series is out now.

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