Wednesday 25 March 2020

The Lonely Lord by Audrey Harrison. Narrated by James Young (2020)

I am alone. Do you ever feel set apart from whatever is going on around you? Is it just me who feels lost and unconnected to the world? I have no idea how to connect even if I wished to. Sometimes it feels safer in not quite belonging.
Anthony Rusell, Earl of Lever, has to marry before his thirtieth birthday – his father’s will dictates it. A man who has always been socially awkward and at a loss of how to communicate easily with people is determined to marry to save his heritage, but has no real idea of how to avoid making a blundering mess of the situation he is faced with.
Mrs Julia Price is a widow escaping from a brutal past of living with an abusive husband. Wishing to give her son everything, while living in straightened circumstances, she is determined to appear as undamaged as she can be. She will no longer be intimidated or treated poorly.
Two damaged souls brought together amid a mix of family conflict, old friendships and Bath Society.
Dare they risk their hearts? Are they able to forget the trauma of the past? One thing is certain, after meeting, neither will be the same again.….
The Lonely Lord is a Regency romance which is topped with a generous dose of humour, chemistry, teasing and tears. If you like complex, but strong characters, a huge dose of romance, with some laughs along the way, then you'll love Audrey Harrison's Regency tale. Everyone deserves that happy ending.
                                            A lovely, heartwarming Regency romance.
Anthony and Julia make a lovely pair. Their teasing of each other lends a lot of humour to the story. Even though Anthony is socially awkward he is adorable. As he comes out of his shell and learns how to interact more in public it is impossible not to cheer him on, especially when he comes to the defence of Julia. The supporting characters add a lot of charm making this book an all round pleasing read. Highly recommended for fans of historical and Regency romance.

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