Saturday 21 March 2020

Freedom: The Graced Series #6 by Amanda Pillar (2020)

Melissande Brown is finally free.

After being controlled by a powerful psychic for most of her adulthood, Melissande’s finally free to live her life. But now her youngest daughter, Emmie, is in trouble. She’s picking fights at school and using her unique mental abilities against orders.

Mikael Smythe’s life has not gone according to plan. The Night Captain of the City Guard, he’s a single dad with a son who’s deeply sensitive to other people’s emotions. Now his boy is on the verge of a mental breakdown, and Mikael has no idea how to help.

Through a chance meeting, Melissande and Mikael are brought together. But can Mel learn to trust again before it’s too late to help both Mikael and his son?

This is a complete Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel, but it exists in a complex world. To get the most out of the story, it is recommended that the first book in the series, Graced, is read first.

Author's note/trigger warning: this book has themes regarding emotional abuse.

Series in progress:
Chosen (release date TBC)

               This is such a cool series and highly addictive.

Once started this book is difficult to put down. 
The Graced world is full of suspense and drama and has a whole raft of characters that you will fall in love with.
This story centred round Mel, Mikael, Emmie and Sammy. I'd love to catch up with this new family in the rest of the series.

I'd recommend reading the earlier books before diving into book 6 as Mel's backstory and that of the Graced world is more thoroughly explored. Plus you'd be missing out on great books if you didn't.

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