Friday 1 April 2016

The Branches of Time (The Branches of Time #1) by Luca Rossi

Book description
A shower of splinters exterminates the people of the island of Turios. Only Bashinoir, badly wounded, his wife Lil and the Priestess Miril survive. They would like to give a worthy burial to their loved ones, but the corpses have disappeared. Their only hope of salvation lies in the magical protection of the Temple. But they must cope with dark threats. A shadow haunts their hearts, threatening to divide and destroy them; their bodies seem to be less consistent. The closeness between the two women contrasts with the isolation of Bashinoir.

In the realm of Isk, wizards and advisors must submit to the insatiable greed of sex and war as well as the power of King Beanor. The last of his young wives, however, does not want to surrender to the loss of love and freedom. Will games and tricks under the sheets be the key turning point of a millenarian war?

A fast paced, magical and sexy read.     5 stars

The quick pace and the short chapters made this book a very enjoyable and addictive read. It isn't bogged down with scientific theory which made it easier for me to get into it quickly.

I love time travel stories but this one was unique to me because it's set on the island of Turios, instead of Earth, where fantasy and magic blend into the fabric of the island. Only magic can protect the last three survivors but time is running out.

I loved how the story alternated from the island of Turios to the realm of Isk where the people are under the thumb of the crazy King Beanor who is obsessed with sex and war. He is both a frightening and compelling character and I found that I enjoyed his scenes a lot. 
In Isk I got a better sense of where the characters were in time. Their world is reminiscent of medieval times. Beanor resembles a bored evil king in a medieval court where he throws enemies and anyone who fails him into the torture chamber and dungeon. The court is riddled with spies and plots to overthrow him. 

I really enjoyed this book. It does end abruptly and with a cliffhanger but I look forward to reading book 2

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I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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